Life Of Freddie Mercury


Farrukh Bulsara, according to Wikipedia, was born on the remote island of Zanzibar 9/5/1946, in a fairly wealthy family of the Persian followers of Zoroaster's teachings. At the age of five, he moved with his family to Mumbai. There, he went in a boarding school, where he showed himself capable and diligent student. He was fond of drawing, sports, literature, learning to play the piano.

In 1970, Freddie, having replaced his former classmate, joined the members of the youth rock band "The Smile" Roger Taylor and Brian May. It is in this very line-up, with the arrival of bass player John Deacon in 1971 began a 20-year-old star story of the legendary group called "Queen". Mercury played the leading role in the formation of the whole concept of the band, including music, as he was the author of the vast majority of the compositions, including lyrical ballad "Love Of My Life", the unique "Bohemian Rhapsody" (both 1975), the song "We Are The Champions "(1977), which became the anthem of the sports fans.

Freddie Mercury didn’t limit himself with the work in a group, but also recorded his solo discs. The top ten hit list included such singles as "Love Kills" (1984) and the album "Mr. Bad Guy" (1985). Together with Montserrat Caballe Mercury recorded the classic opera arias, and released the disc "Barcelona" (1988). The single "Barcelona" was honored to be the anthem of the Olympics of 1992.

Mercury was not only an outstanding musician, but also an outstanding actor. Because of this, each concert was turned into a real show. After all, his unique, easily recognizable voice, was complemented by bright temperament, emotionality and plastics. And, of course, unusual costumes, which were no less memorable than his voice. Videos of the group have become the result of the desire of Mercury to unite theatre and music, sound and lighting effects. He was the author of most of the video scenarios. The process of setting clips was also commonly directed by Mercury. He devoted himself to the work.

There exists a huge variety of rumors concerning Mercury’s personal life. The reason for their occurrence was provoked by his favorite noisy parties the consumption of drugs. Mercury rarely gave interviews, which also contributed to the emergence of various media stories of dubious and often false gossip. In 1986 appeared the first rumors about his illness of immunodeficiency virus.

Members of the group persistently denied them, but one day before the death, Mercury made an official statement that he has AIDS. Terminally ill, Mercury continued to work for five years. Songs, which failed to see the light during Mercury's life, entered the album "Made in Heaven" ( "Made in Heaven", 1995). One of the dying wishes of  Mercury was to transfer the income from the re-release of the song "Bohemian Rhapsody" in favor of the charity fund to fight AIDS, founded by Terrence Higgins. The cause of death was the Mercury's AIDS-related pneumonia.

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