Malcolm X Biography Essay


Essay on Malcolm X is a very important and complicated topic. To writer good essay on Malcolm X, you should possess certain data and knowledge, which will allow you to describe the facts of his biography in quite vivid colors.

African-American Muslim cleric, orator and a fighter for human rights. He is considered to be one of the most famous black people in history. Supporters called him a great fighter for the rights of African Americans, while opponents accused him of preaching racism, black supremacy of race, anti-Semitism and violence.

Malcolm X, according to Wikipedia, was born in Omaha, Nebraska. From the early years his father gave him valuable lessons on pride and self-sufficiency of the black race. Already in the childhood, the boy personally had to make sure that the racial issue in the country is quite acute. Malcolm Little had quite a difficult childhood. His father died and his mother suffered from psychiatric problems. That is why, the boy had to change a series of orphanages. As a result, he got acquainted with the bad company and in 1946 he was imprisoned.

There, in jail, he got interested with the Muslim religion, traditions and customer. He was quite a skeptical person, but he changed himself because of new beliefs and religion. On August 7-th, 1952, he was granted of parole. He could boast not only with a clear conscience and a new faith. By that time Little has changed his name. His new name was “X”, which symbolized his true African family.

After the meeting with Elijah Muhammad, very quickly, Malcolm became first assistant of a priest, and later a full-fledged priest. Interest of FBI Malcolm attracted back in 1950, when he wrote to President Truman (Harry S. Truman) a letter. In this letter, X protested against the war in Korea and called himself a communist. X, meanwhile, actively worked for the benefit of the movement, organizing new churches and recruiting new supporters. Outstanding orator skills and impressive external characteristics helped him in his work.

Nearly a dozen years Malcolm was one of the leaders and officials of the movement. After a conflict with Elijah Muhammad, Malcolm was forced to leave the movement. For some time, X traveled to Africa and the Middle East. Travel outcome was the creation of a religious organization 'Muslim Mosque, Inc.'.

Malcolm’s beliefs underwent significant changes. When he was a representative of the 'Nation of Islam' X preached the superiority of blacks, racial segregation and strongly contradicted the official leaders of the movement. From his previous convictions 'new' Malcolm categorically repudiated; According to him, in the 'Nation of Islam', he presented himself as a zombie.

Malcolm's relationship with the 'Nation of Islam', meanwhile, deteriorated extremely, and less than a year after leaving the group X was killed by three members of the movement. His death caused a great public resonance. Martin Luther King himself brought his condolences to his wife (Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.). Elijah Muhammad also reacted to the death of a former assistant. He said that the 'nation' has nothing to do with what happened, and that the death of Malcolm was caused only by his own stupidity and ignorance.

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