Money Is The Root Of All Evil Essay


So, you need to write essay on money and you do not know what topic to choose. You may call it “Money is not everything”, or simply “Essay about money”. However, “Money is the root of all evil essay” sounds much more interesting.

It is not a secret for anyone that the money rule our world. The money was invented by Phoenicians, 1500 BC. During this period, the coins were made of iron and they were quite big and heavy. They were of quite different forms and shapes. Only later, people started to make small and light coins, and of course, the usage of paper money was invented. Nowadays, both forms are still preserved. Money was invented for trade, as it was inconvenient for people to pay each other with cows and pigs. Later, an itch for money has captivated the minds of people.  Coins have been made of all the possible material, including silver and pure gold. With time, the importance of money only increased. The money has become the main aim of every person in the world. People dedicate their lives to earn money, as it has become the sense of our life. It is understandable, because we can’t get or buy anything without the money.

Because of such a vital importance of money, some people say that it can be considered as the root of all evil. On the one hand they are right, because people became obsessed with the desire to earn as much money as possible, or at least some money to scrape for living. In case of no success, people can do very bad things. The most widespread reason for robbery and murders is the money. Social inequality leaded to these terrible factors, and because of money, our life is in danger.

On the other hand, the money can be treated positively, as they are giving us the motivation to develop ourselves, to grow up professionally, to learn new things and to be better. The desire to earn money can either influence us positively, and make us better, or to influence negatively. The problem is in the fact that not all the people refer to money healthily. It is very important to understand that the money is not the sense of life, but only its small part.

Our world is beautiful and it is silly to exalt the role of money in our lives over all the other things. We need to understand the money is the mean of trading and paying for the products and services. Everything depends on our attitude. In order for the money not to be the root of all evil, we need to treat it carefully and calmly.

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