Persuasive Essay About School


School essay can be written on different topics. Essay about school usually contains your own experience and attitude. If you need to write essay about school, the following essay will help you to find out the ideas of your own.

The time, during which a person is studying at school is called school life. It is the truth, because 10 years that we spend for alma mater are composing the whole epoch in the life of each of us. It is the time of ups and downs, the first success and mistakes. It is the time, when you start to realize what friendship, betrayal, love, mutual assistance and support are. Life in the broadest sense - is the rapid combination of family, work, leisure, etc. The same is with the school: it combines studies, communication with other people and the constant discovery of new and previously unknown. We spend most of our time in school.

School years, according to the words of a large number of people, are the best years in our life. Memories about school remain the brightest. Sometimes I look at the first-graders, and I'd love to go back in time and re-enroll in primary school, to relive the joys and hardships of students of junior classes. I think that when we grow up, and will have families of their own, with sorrow we will remember our childhood, carefree school years, our school house, which was so warm and cozy, and our classmates who have become family members to each of us. Man is born pure as the white sheet of paper. On this sheet, life will write a lot of remarkable things. Since childhood, parents and grandparents taught us to be good and obedient, thus we could be prepared for grown up life.

Then we go to school, and we experience interesting life captures, where teachers teach us to be honest, smart and clever. Behind the wide doors of school we find a sea of new words for us. Through them, we see something that had never known. Each new book is an unidentified universe for every first grader. To know the world, you have to read a lot, listen attentively to the teacher and to perform all the tasks. In addition to the English language, we learn foreign languages ​​so we can communicate with people from other countries, to understand them and learn a lot of interesting things.

School is preparing us for an adulthood, because without certain knowledge people will not be able to survive in the age of technology and computerization. In today’s society, it is necessary to have a deep and comprehensive knowledge, to know a foreign language to get a good job. At the heart of it, lies the knowledge gained by us at school. Learning is hard, but it is necessary and interesting! We should appreciate every period of our life and enjoy every moment. School years are amazing, as they are representing our first steps for self-improvement and self-development.

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