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According to Wikipedia, The Cold War is a term, used to signify the political tension between the USA and the Soviet Union. Why was it called “The Cold War”? It was called so, because during the period of tension and the opposition of the two leading countries, no actual fights happened. There were no weapon, tanks, bombs or planes, fights, or any other types of battles used during this war. The “Cold war” lied in the opposition of ideologies: Democracy vs Communism. It was more like a war of concepts on the verbal level. It was mainly lead through the

Everything started after The World War II, when the alliance between the USA and the Soviet Union got weaker. The Soviet Union was trying to convince the world in the power of Communism, while the United States were claiming that the future is after the Democracy. None of the parties were ready for a compromise, that is why that was the moment when the Cold War began, in the year 1947. Both countries wanted to spread their ideologies all over the Europe and the rest of the world, in order to get domination and worldwide recognition of the authority.

So, the main causes of the Cold War were the following:

  • Opposition of the ideologies.

  • The desire of each country to dominate.

  • The competition in the possession of weapons.

  • The Soviet Union was promoting Communism in mass media, which has led to the labor revolution.

The war between such powerful countries could not go through without any consequences.

The results of the Cold War were the following:

  • The atmosphere in the world has become uneasy, because the tension from both countries was really harsh.

  • The whole world was divided into parts group, which couldn’t be considered as a positive aspect.

  • The Cold War affected the humanity as a whole, as a lot of different types of weapons were created, which has lead to the decline of living standards.

  • The Cold War also lead to the appearance of the Third World. Representatives of different nations were scared and decided to keep away from these dangerous countries, which saw nothing except for the feud.

Very often such question arises “Was the Cold War inevitable”? the answer to this question is not very easy to find, but if to consider this issue from the ethical and moral point of view, I would like to say that it was possible for both parties to avoid this war. The main goal of any country is the happiness and well-being of its citizens. That is why, if both countries would have placed the prosperity of their  people, instead of the struggle for supremacy, on the firs place, this war could be avoided. However, the countries were trying hard to prove the domination and the power to each other and to the whole world, while a lot of people suffered. Because of that, the changes that occurred, are rather serious.

We should remember that no war is good for humanity and only peace will bring happiness and prosperity to us and our countries. We should forget about conflicts and to try to make our world better and happier.

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