Thomas Paine essay on common sense


Essay on common sense should include information about the pamphlet, which, according to Wikipedia, was written by Thomas Paine, in the year 1776. It was written to inspire American colonists to struggle for freedom from Great Britain. This pamphlet was published anonymously, right in the very beginning of the American Revolution. It has immediately become extremely popular and was widely read by all the people. Thomas Paine managed to convey his idea in simple words, which were easily understood by simple people. His ideas were inspiring.

In that time the independence issue was discussed daily and nightly. Paine managed to explain the reasons why freedom and independence from Great Britain were so important for the colonists. He tried to link the Protestant beliefs with independence, as these were the main points which were reflecting the political identity of Americans.

Why was this pamphlet called “Common Sense?

 In general, common sense is something which goes without saying, it is a notion, clear for everyone, as if like a gift. The pamphlet was called so, because Thomas Paine wanted to open people’s eyes to the events that they could affect in order to improve their life conditions and win the independence.

The main points against British domination by Thomas Paine were described to be the following:

  • America contained peoples from all over the Europe and it could not be considered as British nation.

  • It was unacceptable that the British Island ruled the whole continent.

  • The belonging of America to Britain could provoke wars with European countries.

  • The distance between these two nations was too significant.

  • British government was not taking the interests of American colonies into account and was acting only for the benefit of itself.

The main reason why Paine’s pamphlet is considered to be one of the most popular in the world, is that it was written in an available language. In addition, American colonists wanted to get the independence from Great Britain, but they were afraid to express their thoughts and this pamphlet has become a great means of expression.

The main aim of the Common sense was to inspire the colonists to feel free, independent and normal people. This pamphlet played a huge role in the World history and influenced the course of events greatly.

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