Top 10 Of The Most Popular Sorts Of Cheese


Here is the top 10 of the most delicious cheeses in the world:

  1. Mozzarella is a delicious and delicate cheese which originates from Italy. Traditionally, it is prepared from buffalo milk, but today in the stores we can see mozzarella made from cow’s milk, more familiar to us. It looks like a cheese white balls of small diameter, soaked in a weak brine. The product is very soft and gentle, with pleasant taste. In the preparation of this cheese, milk is first fermented with special thermophilic lactic acid culture. Then it collapses due to rennet. Thereafter, the entire structure is heated, and whey is separated. Then, this mixture is kneaded thoroughly and actively, periodically dipping into hot water, until a homogeneous viscous mass is got. Ready cheese is placed in solution in which it is stored. Shelf life is small, so it is best to eat mozzarella as quickly as possible. This cheese can be added to salads.
  2. Maskrapone. This cheese is more like a soft cream cheese or yogurt. Its taste is incredibly delicate, slightly sweet. The consistency of the product is more like cottage cheese. It’s homeland is Italy. To prepare Maskrapone, cream with fat content of 25-30% is first heated in a water bath to about 80 degrees, then the lemon juice, vinegar, or tartaric acid for coagulation of the milk protein are added. After this, the mass is heated, then cooled and placed in a grid for the removal of whey. This cheese certainly not be called dietary, but it's incredibly delicious. It is often being used for the preparation of desserts, the most popular of which is tiramisu.
  3. Brie is a gentle and soft cheese made from cow's milk, comes from France. Previously, it was available only to kings and the wealthy people, but today it is available for anyone. This cheese is of a cake thickness from 5.6 to 3 centimeters and a diameter of 30-60 centimeters. This tortilla is covered with a noble white mold that resembles a white velvet (it is quite edible). The taste of this cheese can range from fruity to a vividly mushroom (it depends on product exposure). Brie cheese is considered a universal, as it is well combined with different beverages and foods.
  4. The list includes Parmesan. It's a hard cheese of long ripening. It is so hard that can crumble when cutting. Its taste is both moderately sharp, salty, Picante and gentle. Manufacturing technology is complex, and the ripening process is very long. To obtain 1 kilogram of cheese it usually takes about 16 liters of milk, and the ripening may take from one to three years. The older the product, the more vivid taste of hazelnut it has.
  5. Cambozola. It is being made by the best cheese makers, the birthplace of the product is Germany. Generally, it is a cheese, which combines the quality of Italian Gorgonzola cheese and French Camembert.
  6. Camembert is the soft French cheese with a downy white mold crust. Its taste is tender and has a mushroom notes. Camembert is prepared from whole milk. Rennet is used for coagulation.
  7. Dor blue is a blue cheese, which comes from Germany. For a long time this cheese was practically the only one of its kind. The recipe has been specially designed for lovers of moderately sharp and piquant cheeses.
  8. Gorgonzola. This cheese comes from Italy. This sort is quite popular and has a tart, moderately spicy and piquant taste. We apply this product to a blue cheese with mold.
  9. Tête de Moine. The name of this cheese is literally translated as "monk's head". The monks were the first to prepare this product. Homeland of this cheese is Switzerland, it is exclusive and very expensive. For the production of this cheese, the freshest summer cow’s milking is used.
  10. Roquefort. This cheese refers to the blue cheese varieties and it is produced in France. Initially, this product was prepared from sheep's milk, but today cow mils is also used. An important feature of preparation lies in the fact that maturation on oak shelves in a limestone cave with adequate ventilation conditions should be provided.

This is the list of the most popular cheeses of the world. Which one do you try first?

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