Who can check my essays for errors?


It is very important to check the essay for errors, after you wrote it. When writing or typing the text, you can omit some typos, which will definitely spoil the opinion about your essay in the eyes of your tutor. So, in order to be successful with your essay, you should remember some simple rules.

  • Write your paper on the draft first.

  • When the paper is written, read it out aloud a couple of times, in order to hear, how the text sounds.

  • Fix the mistakes you notices.

  • Check spelling.

  • Check grammar.

  • Check the word usage.

  • Check syntax attentively, because the sense of the paper can be spoiled if the syntax is wrong.

  • If the paper contains tables, check the formatting and referencing style.

  • Check the bibliography. It is one of the most important factors in the paper, as students usually make a lot of mistakes when composing it. So, be especially careful, and if you are not sure where to put dots and comas, check the samples in the internet. Try to use official sites and checked information.

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