Wonderful Secrets How To Tie A Tie And Bow Like A Pro


Bow tie gained worldwide popularity at the beginning of the last century. At that time it was called just the same as now, but it was tied in an absolutely other way round. At first time the society could see a bow tie the way it was during Puccini’s opera “Madame Butterfly.” All the musicians performing opera wore bow ties. Although, in fact, bow tie is nothing else, as an ordinary bow, which is tied around the neck of a man, silk ribbon.

Bow tie, according to Wikipedia, cannot be worn with any suit. There exist certain rules as for this issue, and the following these rules can serve as a sign of good taste. Thus, it is common to wear a black bow tie, when you are wearing tuxedo, while when wearing tailcoat it is recommended to use white. Very often in the invitations to a certain appointment, “black tie” is usually mentioned, which means that people would like you to wear a tuxedo. In case if the invitation contains notification about “white tie”, it means that you are supposed to wear a tailcoat.

If you are a beginner and previously you never wore a tie bow, then it would be better for you to start with the easiest tie. It is important to ensure that the material does not twist, because the bow will turn rough and ugly. If you decide to put on a tailcoat, tuxedo or dinner suit, then the bow should be more elegant.

So, how to tie a bow? Here is what you have to do:

  1. Throw the bow on the neck.

  2. The right end of the bow tie should be folded in half from the left to the right.

  3. Left end of the bow-tie is brought under the middle of the doubled right end from the bottom up.

  4. Left end of the bow-tie we skip from the top down through the neck loop, forming a needle.

  5. Left end of the bow-tie should be folded in half in the widest part and passed through a previously formed needle from left to right.

  6. Straighten the bow in different directions and we can see a perfect tie bow.

When choosing a tie, you should focus on its quality. Handmade silk ties are highly appreciated. In most cases you should avoid too colorful ties with catchy patterns, pictures or emblems, unfamiliar to you.

Formal clothes dictates the rules, according to which the tie should be combined with the shirt of light color. Black tie and the white shirt is mandatory when expressing grief and condolences. As for the length, in most cases the standard necktie is being worn in a way, thus it could slightly overlap the trouser belt buckle.

So, how to tie a tie? The methods of tying a tie. Necktie Knots.

  1. Knot “Four-in-Hand” is a simple knot for those who are just learning to tie a tie.

  2. Knot “Half Windsor” is the most versatile and popular. Suitable for silk neckties of traditional width, wide and dense, within the fashion narrow tie.

  3. Knot “Windsor is this elegant tie knot tied as well as “Half Windsor”, adding one more round from the right corner of the collar. Using ties of different widths or changing the position of the narrow and wide ends of a tie, you can achieve the desired node size.

  4. Knot “Christensen” is especially good for “chubby” cashmere or woolen ties from winter collections.

You should note that it is very important to know how to tie a tie not only for men, but also for their women. Women should take care of their husbands in all the aspects, and to be able to tie a tie like a professional. So, in case if you would like to learn these techniques, our article will appear to be very useful for you.

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