20 Reasons To Give Up Smoking


Why should I give up smoking? It seems that today this question doesn’t arise, even among the minds of people, who smoke quite a lot. Today, over 60% of smokers would like to give up smoking, while others probably had not thought about the consequences that entails smoking. What changes in the body and life will occur if a smoker will quit this bad habit?

  1. According to statistics, smoking shortens life by 10-15 years. Therefore, by giving up smoking, you will extend your life.

  2. 20 minutes after the last toke, your pulse will be normalized.

  3. After 2-3 days, you will return to the normal sense of smell and taste.

  4. Cigarette Nicotine damages the blood vessels, causes them to spasm, which disrupts the blood supply to the brain and all the organs and systems. Therefore, if quit smoking, you restore the state of the circulatory system and prevent the development of heart attack, stroke, atherosclerosis, venous congestion and other cardiovascular diseases.

  5. Nicotine affects the mucous membrane of the stomach and the gastrointestinal tract. It causes chronic gastritis of the smoker that can trigger the development of gastric ulcers and duodenum, and even stomach cancer. When you stop smoking, in 6-12 months mucosal function will be restored, and the threat of the consequences will be reduced significantly.

  6. The strongest hit of nicotine and tar in cigarette smoke is for the lungs and respiratory system. The smoking products, such as tar, soot, deposited in the alveoli of the lungs, cause spasm of trachea and bronchial tubes, causing coughing fits and can cause chronic bronchitis and respiratory failure. Prolonged smoking leads to the high chance of developing lung cancer. Upon cancellation of smoking, lungs will clean and repair. The duration of this process depends on the length of the smoking and takes from six months to 2 years. The risk of lung cancer decreases in 20 times.

  7. During prolonged smoking the risk of developing laryngeal cancer and other malignant tumors of the oral cavity - tongue, cheeks, gums or palate, is very high. Quit smoking, you reduce this risk to a minimum.

  8. Among smokers, addicted to this bad habit, the risk of bladder cancer dramatically increases after 40 years. This pathology occurs among men four times more often than among women. This is due to the fact that fewer women smoke. After the decision to quit smoking, the risk of cancer of the bladder is being reduced in 3 times.

  9. Nicotine violates human sexual function, especially those that are responsible for reproductive function. Over time, the ability to reproduce offspring decreases rapidly among smokers. Among men, this leads to impotence and male infertility, and among women it leads to the destruction and full ripening of eggs. Therefore, when quit smoking, you give your future children a chance to be born. Also, nicotine causes detrimental effect on sperm, namely, Y-chromosome, which is responsible for individuals born males. So quitting smoking can give you a long-awaited son.

  10.  Smoking violates the metabolism and absorption of trace elements in the eyes. Permanent spasm decreases blood flow to the eye, which affects the retinal condition. Nicotine adversely affects the optic nerve and oculus muscles. This causes blurred vision, increased intraocular pressure, and may cause cataracts. The decision to quit smoking will reduce the risk of developing cataracts in three times, improve blood supply to the eye and thus restore vision.

  11.  Prolonged smoking disturbs blood flow of the middle ear, from which the signals are transmitted to the brain. This leads to hearing loss, and it violates the perception of high frequency sounds. When quitting smoking decreases the likelihood of hearing loss in three times.

  12.  When smoking blood picture changes - reducing the amount of enzymes that protect vessels from atherosclerosis and increase blood clotting, causing blood clots. However, with smoking cessation, blood picture is being normalized, and the concentration of the enzyme returns to normal.

  13.  Smoking can cause depression among teens. Among smokers it occurs 4 times more often than among non-smokers.

  14. Those who have been smoking for a long time, often have gum disease, which can cause tooth loss. This is the cause of circulatory disorders of the gums, causing inflammation in them. Smokers risk to have such an inflammation three times higher than non-smokers. When you stop smoking, gum condition returns to normal, but it is a very long process that can take up to 10 years.

  15.  Nicotine activates the gene responsible for aging. This gene triggers the production of an enzyme that breaks down collagen. Collagen is a protein that gives skin its elasticity. Its destruction leads to "withering" and sagging of skin. That is why smokers look older than people who do not smoke. Therefore, the decision to quit smoking is a chance to renew your youth, which is especially important for women.

  16.  Giving up cigarettes, you will cease to be the cause of passive smoking of others. Because of this, people who live with you will become only healthier.

  17. Finally, having stopped smoking cigarettes, you will notice how much money you can save. After all, except for the purchase of tobacco products here can be included the cost of medicines that are purchased for the treatment of side effects of smoking - cough, lacrimation, sore throat and so on.

How to determine that smoking is not just a self-indulgence, but turned into the habit? If you smoke just to kill time, boredom, this is the first stage of a serious tobacco dependence.

In the beginning, when a person starts to smoke, there are similar thoughts in his mind, "No, I will not get used to it, I know myself! I just dabble in now. " When smoking becomes commonplace, people begin to think as follows: "That is okay, I am not addicted ... I just like to smoke right now, I can give up smoking at any time, and now I do not want this!". The period of life with such thoughts can last for several years. After this period in a person's head will begin to appear the idea that he used to smoke, but people are so arranged that they can not afford to admit that they made a mistake, and begin to protect themselves with the following excuses: "So what that I am addicted? I am a strong person, and I have the willpower to quit at any time, but now I do not want to”.

It is very important! To reach the thought of giving up smoking by yourself. Think carefully about the reasons that make you smoke. Better yet, sit down and write all the pros and cons of smoking, which you can imagine. Write and listen to your thoughts. It is good to remember the feeling when you smoked in the company, where the majority of people did not smoke.

It is also a good reason to quit smoking, if you go out into the street, have a little run and watch how quickly you will have a shortness of breath. To understand this case better, you can remember the way you started smoking for the first time. You experiences a cough, which means that your body pushed what was unacceptable to it.

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