How To Learn To Meditate


Meditation can bring great benefits. It can relax, tell you how to deal with stress, can help attain peace of mind and confidence. In this article, we'll show you how to learn to meditate at home on your own, how to relax, how to meditate. To do this, 10 simple steps are enough.

Meditation takes practice. With a little effort, anyone can achieve a meditative state. In this case, the main thing to follow the proverb "Practice makes perfect". Over time, you'll gain experience and wisdom and in the future will be able to meditate anywhere, no matter where you are. Each time, you will need less time to get into a meditative state. So, in order to achieve the state of meditation, it is enough to perform the following steps.


No matter what disasters may occur in your life, no matter how tense you were at the moment, the very first step you should start your meditation with - is relaxation. You need a clear head. When your mind is clouded, you block the spread of energy in your body. At such moments, you are limiting your opportunities, and do not allow new ideas and feelings to attend you. So just take a comfortable position for you and relax. It is not necessary to take the lotus position. Just find a quiet corner where no one will disturb you.


You might think that there is no need to remind about breathing, which is the most important function of the body. However, the fact that the breath - is the cornerstone of proper meditation, and until you learn how to breathe correctly automatically, you have to constantly remind yourself about this. By focusing on your breath, you will forget about all your problems, relax the body and get the opportunity to concentrate on what is happening right now on the sensations at the moment. So just relax and concentrate on your breathing.

Close your eyes

Meditation – is a way to relaxation. Close your eyes. It is necessary to turn away from the world and focus on your breathing and feelings. Feel as you inhale and exhale the air. Feel as the heat of energy of the world is distributed all over your body. Closing your eyes, you turn off all the visual stimuli of the outside world and calm down. Now you can listen to your feelings.


Now, try to feel your face. It is not necessary to touch it. Just feel your muscles on the face. Feel the mood that your face passes to people around. Is it tense or relaxed? And now, smile a bit. This will smooth out the wrinkles on your forehead if you are tense and relax your face. Our body communicates with our brain. And if you put a little effort and smile, then it will give the signal to your brain to relax and take a positive attitude.


Once again I would like to remind about the importance of breathing. This is important not only for meditation. It is necessary to learn to breathe with the diaphragm. Close your mouth and take a deep breath, as if you emerge from the water and swallow the air freely. Here is the moment you need to repeat. You just need to breathe slowly through your nose. Breathe constantly. Remember that to meditate correctly means to breathe correctly.

Focus on your mantra

During meditation, you can use a mantra. Mantra - is an analogue of prayer, a set of words that helps to influence your mind and condition. What kind of mantra to use – you should decide for yourself. The main purpose of the mantra is to liberate your mind from various thoughts and to help to focus on yourself and your inner feelings. Therefore, whatever you decide to use as a mantra, just repeat it until you stop to think about what's bothering you and / or prevent you from enjoying your present state.

Stop thinking

All meditative practices, which you have ever heard, designed to teach you how to stop the flow of thoughts, even for a moment. It sounds strange of course, but having stopped thinking, can you stop an infinite number of thoughts? They are constantly spinning in your head. You can have problems, debts. You may have difficulties at work. Friends or your family may annoy you. Ask yourself, whether these all things make you happy? If not, then stop thinking about them, at least for a couple of minutes. That is why it is important to stop the whole stream of thoughts about your problems. Meditation is able to soothe the swarm of thoughts, calm your mind. It can help to find solutions to each of your current problems.

Imagine yourself in a different place

Proper breathing is the basis of meditation, sometimes things can go really bad in life. Sometimes there are situations when you want to be in another place. You have such a chance. Imagine that you are on the beach, in the woods, in the midst of a calm ocean. Imagine a place where would like to be. Your mind is capable of traveling through time and space. For a moment, dream of a more perfect location than the one in which you are.

Light a candle

If you can not concentrate on the sensations with your eyes closed, you can use the following method. If you can, then light a candle. A small, which gives at least a small spark of light. Inhale its scent in the air. Look at the candle flame. Imagine that you are looking at the burning and warming fire. This practice will help you concentrate better during meditation. The fire calms us. No wonder that people say that you can always look at the way the fire burns.

 Breathe again

In the end, all the problems of money, property, food, family and everything else in your life only exist in your head. Why have you appeared in such a situation? How did you come to this - it does not matter. The important thing is that you're here, you're not in a hurry. Take it easy on the problems of the outside world. Just breathe calmly. Nothing else matters. Just breathe...

These basic steps will help you learn to meditate. Relax and concentrate on your breathing, you will free your mind from all thoughts. Thus, you will be able to rest your mind and fill it with energy, clearing the way for new ideas, understand yourself and the whole joy of the moment. This is the main purpose of meditation.

Do not punish yourself because your mind is naughty. It should be take care of for the whole life. It had to endure the pain and pressure of life that have accumulated unresolved thoughts and experiences. It will take time to adjust to the discipline and learn to relax. When you start to meditate, then you may find that the mind is even more excited, and you may think that meditation is bad for you. It gets more excited. You become more aware and for the first time you can see how strongly you are concerned about the thoughts.

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