Cause And Effect Of Divorce Essay


Essay on divorce is a not very pleasant thing to write about, especially if such a situation occurred in your family. However, divorce essays, can be very informative and useful for people, who experienced such a situation in their lives. It is very important to disclose some psychological aspects of this situation and to express your personal attitude towards this event.

Divorce has become an ordinary social phenomenon, which is really widespread among young couples, as well as among those couples, who have been married for many years. The tendency of the divorces has become so popular for the past decade. Some time ago, people were scared of the word “divorce”, as they were ashamed to do so, due to the number of social factors. However, today, this term has become common and nobody treat it as something unusual. It seems to be common, and nobody pays much attention to it.

However, the divorce, is a very negative aspect, that may touch any family at any moment of life. People are different. They are changing through life, and as they become older, their tastes and views can change. Because of this, a lot of couples have difficult times living together. Nobody wants to look for the compromise, and as a result, people decided to stop fighting for their marriage and they simply break up. It is really sad, because in such cases marriage can be saved. Some couples decide to fight this crisis and save what they have. Some of them are trying to talk to each other and to solve the existing problems, while others are attending the psychologist, who helps them to solve their interpersonal problems. In some cases it really helps to save the marriage, while in others, there is still the possibility that the divorce is unavoidable. People understand that their disputes and controversies are only growing, and it is better to divorce and give each other a chance to be happy.

Other couples are breaking up because of breach of faith, and in most cases it becomes difficult for people to forgive each other. They have a lot of offenses and hurt, and the only way out for them is to divorce. Nowadays world has become rather vulgar and liberate, and people are being tempted by a lot of things. Very often they simply can’t overcome this temptation. As a result, their families are being ruined.

Another reason of the divorce is the fact that the love has gone and two people simply do not love each other any longer. They do not see any sense of living together without any feelings, that is why they decide to break up, in order to look for something better.

Thesewere the most common reasons that lead to the divorce. However, we also shouldn’t forget about the effects of the divorce. The situation becomes even more complicated, when the couple has children. The effects of the divorce are becoming more severe and serious. It happens because it is difficult for children to understand, why their parents are not living together any longer. It may become a serious psychological trauma for the kid. The life he got used to has changed, and even more difficult it may be for the child to see that his parents are dating other partners. Children are suffering from loneliness, and they can even start blaming themselves for the divorce of their parents, which may influence their behavior with their partners in future. It is very important to prepare children for the divorce, because you should always remember, that children accept the divorce painfully at any age, whether they are 5 or 18.

As you see, divorce is a serious problem of the society. However, we should understand and do our best either to avoid it, or in case if it is impossible, we need to do it carefully, in order not to hurt our children, or the members of our family.

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