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So, courage is a term, used to define the trait of character, thanks to which a person is willing to face difficulties, danger, pain and death threat. In more specific definition, it is the ability of a person to face his fears. What is the first thing you think about when you hear the word “courage”? Most people usually think about workers of such dangerous professions as policemen, fire workers and life guards. However, this cognitive notion is not very precise to describe courageous person. In my opinion, courageous person is the one, who acts the way he does, without attracting any attention to his personally, which means that his actions are aimed at the result, not at the popularity. Such people usually are not only courageous, but also kind, responsive, outgoing and willing to help sincerely.

Courage is often being confused with leadership, but it is the wrong comparison, because leadership only complements the qualities of courage. Courage is closer to the risk, as any courage person, as, for example, the one, who goes to save someone from the burning house, takes a risk. He is risking his own life and health for the benefit of another person. Of course, he does it without any benefit for himself.

Another synonym to courage is bravery. These two concepts are almost identical. However, being brave means to be able to handle any difficulty, without taking risks. Nowadays, it is very difficult to find courageous person, who is representing all the qualities of this notion. To be fully courage, means to be able to sacrifice your time, energy, to take risks in the benefit of others. It is an amazing trait of character, inherent to strong and forceful people only.

You can not be born courageous. You can work out this trait with time and your personal life experience. However, you should also possess some other qualities, such as honesty and understanding of friendship, in order to be really courageous. Being courage is a great advantage and it would be great if all the people were courageous to a certain extent. Going through difficulties and possessing ruling force, we all be able to create better society and better world in general, as such personal traits of character are highly appreciated among others.

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