Elements Of An Argumentative Essay


Argumentative essay, according to Wikipedia is the most widespread and common type of essays among students. The writer of such an essay should make a research on the chosen or proposed topic. After that, he should make a decision and stick to one of the possible sides – for or against the issue researched. The next step the writer should do – is to convince the reader that his point of view is correct, by means of providing arguments and as many evidences as possible, to support this idea.

We all face arguing time after time, especially when we are trying to prove our point of view in front of the opponent. However, verbal arguments are difficult to believe, as they have no background, while the research you lead, may support your arguments with evidences, found from examples from life, or literature you have read. Different types of citations or examples can serve as perfect evidences.

The structure of argumentative essay is quite different from the one, used to writer ordinary essays.

  1. Introduction – here you are supposed to attract the reader’s attention. It is very important, because in case of unsuccessful introduction, the reader may lose the interest from the very beginning of the essay. In this part, you should also introduce the reader to the issue you are discussing, and explain the relevance of the given research. Do not forget about strong thesis statement, which should also evoke interest in the eyes of the reader.

  2. Main body – this part should contain two or three paragraphs, in which you are providing the reader with evidence and arguments for your point of view. It may contain statistics, comparisons, examples from the literature, etc.

  3. Conclusion – usually, it is one paragraph, which contains the resolution of your research and the conclusion you came to while doing it. It shouldn’t repeat the thesis statement. It should be as a logical continuation, and conclusion of the final results you got.

These are the main parts of the argumentative essay. However, it is also very important to plan your essay before writing it. Just make an outline, to see the sequence of points, and check, whether you mentioned everything you wanted to include into your essay. If something is missing, you will be able to fix it before you start writing the essay. One more important thing is the material you are using to write the argumentative essay. It should be up to date, and the references you are citing should not exceed the past 5 years. It will give the reader a fresh look.

As you see, argumentative essay writing can be quite challenging. It is important to mind all the aspects, in order for the paper to be really successful. In case if you can’t complete this essay yourself, you are welcome ti place an order on our site.

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