Empathy Essay


Essay on empathy is not very easy to write, because it is an essay, that should contain your personal point of view and your thoughts as for this concept.

Empathy, according to Wikipedia, is a great human quality that allows us to put ourselves in the other person’s place. Such sympathy and understanding helps us to communicate with others and to build stronger relationships. This is especially important if your profession requires to understand the feelings and emotions of other people, for example, if you are a teacher or a psychologist. After all, without these qualities it would be extremely difficult to work in this field.

If you have a well-developed sense of empathy, you may have noticed, that the ability to feel pain and emotions of other people can be debilitating, especially if you are passing human misfortune and sadness through yourself every day. Over time, this negative energy will not only exhaust you but also will lead to the fact that due to concerns and problems of others, you will enjoy your life less and will live in the present. In addition, if you are constantly rendering emotional support to someone, it can negatively reflect on the person you are helping.

For example. It is possible that one of your parents or other family members is constantly asking for your support and sees you as his own personal emotional resonator. It is hard to refuse to help him and not to show empathy, but if you are going to empathize beyond measure, it will not only be exhausting for you, but in addition to this, you will inadvertently interfere with him to take responsibility for his own actions. The road to hell is paved with good intentions, and your constant comfort will not let him see that he does not always have to act as a victim.

Therefore, it is necessary not only to empathize, but also to know the boarders, in order to be able to protect yourself from the negative emotions of other people and be able to interact with the society more effectively.

Empathy is a very good feeling, but if you feel that you need to get rid of it, the following tips are for you.

  1. Focus. Every emotion you feel  influences your body and inner energy. Next time when you feel that the flow of other people’s emotions is taking you away, get yourself together, and go back to your normal state.

  2. Understand who makes you feel empathy. Do you empathize with all or only with the closest people? It is important to know who you is launching a mechanism of empathy in you, in order to protect yourself from negative energy of others.

  3. Move from the unconscious empathy to the conscious choice. Due to the decision to get rid of feelings of empathy, especially when you are dealing with people who are dear to your heart, you may feel guilty or feel that you are a bad person. It is important to understand that in order to befriend it is not necessarily that you should pass the energy and emotions of others through yourself.

As you see, it is normal to empathize, the only thing that important is that you should know the boarders and be able to cope with your feelings, in order for them not to do harm to you.

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