Essay On Terrorism


Terrorism essay is a very important topic. International terrorism essay should be written with the understanding of the topic in the full manner. The problem of terrorism cannot be considered in its narrow sense. The phenomenon of terrorism, according to Wikipedia is tightly connected with different aspects of human activity and it is the result of the development of a public stage of the mankind. Most states, having signed the documents of international humanitarian law, seemed to have gone from the mass historical hostilities. However, they have come to small local wars, which are breaking out in different parts of the world, having touched all the today’s world.

In my opinion, terrorism is a new stage of the development of crime, for the struggle against which, modern legal methods are not effective enough. In order to increase their effectiveness, it is necessary to examine the basic aspects of terrorism, considering the fact that it develops much faster than the legislation is being improved.

The modern world has a lot of vulnerabilities for acts of terrorism, which is a very effective tool of intimidation and destruction in constant dispute of different peoples, who are radically different from each other in the quality of life, and moral norms and culture. Over the past few years the problem of terrorism has gained worldwide global scale and tends to grow further.This is evidenced by the existence of many terrorist organizations that interact with each other, have a rigid organizational structure, logistics and advocacy software, an extensive network of secret hiding places, the presence of agents in the public and law enforcement. A striking example of such activities is Al-Qaeda organization.

Terrorism always involves violence, coercion, threat. The main means of achieving the goal for any terrorist - is intimidating, creating an atmosphere of fear and insecurity, prompting terror. Terrorism is a manifestation of extreme public danger and violence, antisocial and inhumanity, confrontation of the main precepts of the world religions.Therefore, terrorism can be defined as a social phenomenon, which consists in the unlawful use of extreme violence or threats of violence to intimidate opponents in order to achieve specific objectives.

Terrorism does not arise out of nowhere, as there are certain reasons that are leading to this.Terrorism appears when society is experiencing a deep crisis. In the first place, the crisis of ideology and the state legal system.The transitional period, the destruction of the administrative-command system, the economic crisis, the company split into groups with different financial situation, unemployment, political, national, religious conflicts - are the most widespread reasons for the growth and manifestations of terrorism.

The only solution that I consider to be helpful in the struggle against terrorism is to create and adopt an international law on the prevention of terrorism and all its possible manifestations. Terrorism is a serious problem of modern society and the most dreadful thing, is that terrorism is extremely dangerous for peoples’ lives. Only severe measures will help us to destroy the conception of terrorism.

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