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Ernest Hemingway, according to Wikipedia, was an outstanding writer. The old man and the sea essay is a very interesting topic. So, if your task is to write an essay about Ernest Hemingway or about his famous works, you should collect some interesting facts, in order to write really good essay about this famous author. His life was full of different events and ended up tragically.

Ernest Hemingway was born on July 21, 1899 in Illinois (USA) in a family of inveterate hunters. Grandfather and father of the young Hemingway liked to take a break from the madding crowd in the company of their favorite guns. In the end, it played a certain role in life and death of the writer.

Throughout his life Hemingway was a lark - he always woke up very early and work until dinner was engaged. At that time, it was dangerous to distract him from something: physically strong, he could have a professional boxing fight, even with a friend, if he suddenly broke into his thoughts. Journalistic activity helped him to start writing career. The first place of work has become quite provincial newspaper "Kansas is old." It was here that he learned this reportorial writing, by which each of his works could be read quickly and easily.

Hemingway always wanted to live a life full of exploits. Moreover, when the opportunity to go to the front turned up, even though not as a soldier, he used it (the fact, due to problems with vision, Ernest could not be taken to the army).

Hemingway worked on the front lines, carried the mail, food and tobacco to his comrades. Here he was seriously wounded: exploded mine completely shattered his leg. As a result, the writer spent many months in a military hospital, underwent a number of operations and recovered. Later, these events formed the basis of the novel "A Farewell to Arms." It is interesting that to write another his book "Death in the Afternoon" Hemingway was exploring the skills of bullfighting for years.

Hemingway faced second world war in Spain. He goes to the epicenter of the events as a war correspondent, although he worked as the author of the text for the film "The Spanish Earth". At this time, Hemingway was lucky: he became the owner of the house and land in Cuba, where he always wanted to live.

There were 4 women in the life of the writer, whom he truly loved. In the life of Ernest had four women, each of whom he loved. Young Hemingway fell in love with pianist Hadley, with whom he had a first son, John. The second passion of Ernest became his colleague Pauline, a successful journalist. Severe birth of son seriously affected the writer and developed into the novel "A Farewell to Arms." The third wife of Ernest, Martha, was more his front-line friend, rather than his wife. As soon as the war ended, they broke up. Last sympathy of Hemingway was another journalist Mary Welsh.

Another love of the writer was his yacht "Pilar". He devoted a lot of free time to fishing, and an episode of his life, even served as the basis for the creation of the novel "The Old Man and the Sea." Yes, he really was alone with the huge sea animal, and in the boat, that was blown eight miles away from the coast.

In 1954, Ernest was awarded the Nobel Prize, but he did not appear at the ceremony, citing the consequences of the crash. In fact, he was afraid of public events, and the very idea that he would have to dress elegantly and speak in front of a large audience, frightened him. In the last years of his life, Hemingway was suffering from delusions of persecution. Having lost the ability to write, he committed suicide on July 2, 1961.

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