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Culture essay is a very important topic. There are a lot of culture essays on the internet. People are writing about their own perception of this phenomenon. However, we should find out the real definition of this concept.

Culture. How often do we hear this word? What meaning does it carry and what does it mean?Culture of speech, a man of culture, food culture, etc. There are many definitions of the concept, for example: "Culture –is the human activity in its various manifestations, including all forms and means of human expression, and self-knowledge, the accumulation of general skills and abilities by human and society."

In my opinion, culture lies in the behavior of the person and the society as a whole, in the result of which, the humanity manifests its best qualities and traits, as well as adjusts itself to the positive and creative thinking.Culture is a set of rules according to which, the society can become a much more harmonious.Culture is a quite broad term, which includes the following concepts: beauty, courtesy, kindness, tolerance.

Culture can be divided into material and spiritual. It is very important for every country, every human being, to have two of these components together. It is impossible to collect only material values, because without spirituality, very soon they will turn into empty and useless things.Material culture includes everything that is connected with the objects and phenomena of the material world, their production and development.Spiritual culture –is a set of moral values and human activities aimed at their production, development and application.Each person should be directly involved in supporting culture and its further development. Spiritual culture is the most important for every person. It is the source of creation of material values. For example, one can draw a picture only if he has a talent and he is inspired. Only people with highly developed spiritual culture can do such a thing. They are creating a masterpiece, which becomes a product of spiritual culture, which turns into material one.Society and the culture have always been tightly connected with each other. The example of this can be theatre, music, reading, because thanks to this, there is being established an interaction between human and the culture. We all are accumulating and complementing the culture, in order to transfer it to new generations.

To sum up, we should say that culture is an amazing thing, which makes us better people. It is a way for self-development and we should take part in the creation of culture, in order for the new generations to double the things that we have accumulated. Our culture is our mirror, and our reflection depends on us and on the way we behave in the society. The more we do for the sake of the culture development, the more we get in return. We should always remember this and try to do our best to make our culture rich and prosperous, for the sake of next generations.

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