Essay About Depression


Depression essay or essay on depression is a very important paper, as the topic is quite serious. Our life consists of nice and sad moments. Unfortunately, such incidents and tragedies as: the death of loved ones, illness, divorce, etc., may occur. Very often, these events make us think: whether our life makes sense? Some people are coming out of depression on their own, over time and with the help of relatives, while others can not come round even in years.

Women are twice more exposed to the risk of the depression development. Approximately 10% of women suffer from major depression during their lifetime. Such type of depression is called “black” one. It means that they do not want to live, communicate, leave the house, look in the mirror, and this condition lasts for about 15-20 days.

Depressed person usually feels that his life has become dull and grey. The person becomes sullen and sad. He can also be angry, irritated, or vice versa - he can be indifferent and enclosed. He feels that he is tired, he becomes sleepy and passive. Usually, when I think of a depression, I imagine it as a virus, such as flu, for example. The most dangerous periods are in autumn and spring. Depression can be caused by almost any factor. Everything depends on the way each of us percepts the world that surrounds us. Depressive person changes his attitude towards his life and the environment. Everything that was easy for him becomes difficult or sometimes even impossible to handle.

Try to figure out, whether you have a depression or not:

  • You feel that you are constantly tired and cannot cope with the flow of everyday activities;

  • Almost all the time you have a depressed mood and you are not interested in entertainment;

  • You have insomnia, or, on the contrary, you are constantly sleepy;

  • You are too anxious and restless;

  • The appetite is either excessive or it is absent at all;

  • You find it difficult to concentrate on something;

  • You often think about death and suicide.

If you marked 5 or more points and they accompany you for at least 15 days, you should get yourself together right now!Help yourself or consult the doctor! It has been known for a long time that even simply bad mood reduces the immune defenses, that is why we are more likely to get sick. At first, the depression is being reflected on the muscle tone, as they are weakening, sagging, losing elasticity. As a result, your facial expression becomes sad and depressed too, as the muscle tone plays a huge role in it. The fact that depression negatively influences the immune system leads to cardio vascular diseases and blood problems of different kinds.

Depression is a very serious phenomenon, that may occur in the life of each of us. That is why, we should live healthy and happy life, think positively and enjoy every day of our lives!

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