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Democracy essay or essay on democracy can be written in various possible ways. You can either cover historical background or describe the main positions of this phenomenon. In any case, this topic is quite important and interesting for the reader. That is why, in case if you decide to write an essay on importance of democracy, the following essay will be up to your choice.

The concept of "democracy", according to Wikipedia, comes from the Greek word "demos", meaning "the people." In democratic countries, it is the people who have the sovereign power over legislator and government. Despite the fact that in this respect there are different nuances in democratic states, certain principles and practices distinguish democratic government from other forms of state power.

Democracy is a form of government in which all citizens participate in government and take responsibility towards society, either directly or through their freely elected representatives. Democracy is a set of principles and practices that protect human freedom. It is institutionalized (introduction to the legal framework) freedom. Democracy is based on the principle of majority rule, together with individual and minority rights. All states with a democratic form of government, respecting the will of the majority, jealously protect the fundamental rights of individuals and groups that make up the minority.

Democratic governments protect members of society from the absolute power of the central government and are in the process of state power decentralization, delegating some powers to the regional and local level. At the same time, governments with a democratic form of board are aware of the fact that local authorities should be made available to the people and respond to their needs and aspirations.

Democratic governments understand that one of their main functions is to protect such basic human rights as freedom of speech and religion; the right to equal protection of the law and the right to organize and participate fully in the political, economic and cultural life of society. Democracy requires public bodies of legislation and provides a position in which all citizens receive equal protection under the law, and all their rights are protected by the legal system. States with a democratic form of board based on the fundamental principles, rather than a uniform practice. In a democracy, citizens have not only rights, but also commit themselves to participate in the political system, which in turn protects the rights and freedoms of citizens.

Democratic societies are committed to these principles as a manifestation of tolerance, cooperation and compromise. Democratic governments recognize that reaching consensus requires compromise and that it can not always be achieved. In the words of Mahatma Gandhi, "intolerance is itself a form of violence and an obstacle to the growth of a true democratic spirit."

Democratic governments are diverse, reflecting the unique political, social and cultural life of each country. However, the idea of democracy unifies all the countries which support it. In any case, we should respect all the other political systems and the governments of the countries.

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