Media Violence Essay


Violence essay in the media is the subject of constant debate. Violence in video games essay, according to Wikipedia, is another important topic that should be discussed. TV shows, movies and videos abound in scenes of violence. Regardless of whether we are dealing with “Rambo” or criminal chronicles, violence is a regular guest in our media. We can daily contemplate the daily murders, assaults, fights and destruction on TV. Children face these embodiments of horror at the very early age. Aggressive impulses are widely represented in various computer games, in which people are being killed, planes are being brought down and even nuclear wars are being dramatized. Such games scare us. In any case, such events and emotions are destructive for our psyche.

Determining in this case is the nature of children's reactions to violence, and their impression arising from these psychological processes. Children are inclined to imitate scenes from the TV screen, thus direct imitation is one of the forms of such reactions.

Another known form of reaction is rejection. The scene of violence looks so disgusting that the child refuses to accept it. He closes his eyes, focuses on the positive aspects of the film and does not pay attention to the violence. This behavior is his protection. This spontaneous reaction is typical for a many children. Horrible is not being fixed by consciousness.

Another form of reaction is virtualization. When watching the scene of violence, children ask themselves whether they are dealing with reality or fiction. Adoption of the film as fiction allows them to watch it, without any harm to their psyche. Everything is played out in front of them, and it is not much different from a fairy tale. The horrific story, chilling the blood in the veins - it's true, but what does it have to do with reality? Children exhibit an extraordinary sensitivity to hypocrisy, and consequently, the ability to distinguish the real from the imaginary from an early age. Violence, the child had seen in the movies falls into the category of a fictional. The negative impact of such scenes on the constraints centers is often minimal, although it makes the child excited.

Finally, there is a kind of behavior which comes to imitation. Children in this category are looking for a role model in the films. Things they see they are imitating in their lives.

Video production and scenes of violence fixed in media are able to influence the child’s consciousness. The only problem lies in the degree of influence on people’s minds. Who knows, maybe violent content of media can strongly affect children’s minds and as a result, during the process of growing up, it can negatively affect people’ psychics. As a result, we should be aware of all the dangers caused by violence, in order to protect ourselves and our children.

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