Essay About Life Experience


Essay on life experience is a very interesting and fascinating topic.Life experience of every person starts from the early childhood and doesn’t stop getting up to the death. Pleasant and unpleasant moments, happiness, meeting new people, disappointment and pain are forming the life experience of each of us. Being accumulated with years, it can change our life in all the possible ways: for good or for bad. It depends on the way we percept everything that is happening to us. We should enjoy all the wonderful moments we experience in life. When the bad things happen, we should never give up and make the conclusions, in order for this not to happen ever again.

Life experience of a person,according to Wikipedia, is his mental well-being. If it is rich and diverse, we should share it with other people, especially with the younger ones. With years, every normal person’s life experience turn into wisdom. And this thing can change  his inner world for better, as well as the attitude towards the people who surround him. People with huge life experience and wisdom can create special atmosphere around them. Life experience makes the person intellectually rich and prosperous.

Life experience can be different. It can be represented as the conclusion of a long-going research, relationship with people, communion with nature and many other things. Every person has his own life experience. It is very important to dispose it properly.

Young people usually do not pay attention  to the fact that they should gain some life experience. They simply live and enjoy their life. Some people may even take it for granted. However, sooner or later, it comes a moment of growing up. It is necessary to work hard, to study, to find the profession, which is the most suitable for you, communicate with people and to opened to this world.  Very often, these things are connected to many stressful situations, especially, in the nowadays world. Thus, life experience is being accumulated on itself.  Your attitude towards any situation is absolutely individual and unique. Your choice in life mostly depends on it. People say that the appearance of the person when he is old, depends on the quality of the life he lived. On some people’s faces we can see the intelligence, while others manifesting cruelness and indifference. It doesn’t mean that it is the way he lived his life. It means the way he treated different situations.

Our life is a wonderful gift, that we should appreciate. The way we treat all the moments of our life are determining the life experience we will get. We should be patient, kind and honest. Only in this case we will be able to handle all the difficult situations in our life. It will help us to be better people, and we will be able to give good examples to other. Enjoy your life and always remember, that you are responsible for your doings. Happy life is in your hands.

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