Information Technology Essay


Technology essay or essay on technology can be written in various ways. The modern period of development of society can be characterized by a strong influence of computer technologies, which pervade all spheres of human activity, provide a flow of information in society, forming a global information space. An integral and important part of these processes is the formation of computerization.

Under the information technology, according to Wikipedia, it is meant the process that uses a set of tools and methods for collecting and processing of data (primary data) to produce a new quality of information on the state of an object, process or phenomenon (the information product). If we choose the tools, as the attributes of technology information, thanks to which the information processing is carried out (technology tools), we can distinguish the following stages of development:

Stage 1 (until the second half of the XIX century) - "hand" information technology tools which were: pens, inkwell, books. Communications carried out manually through the mail letters, packages, dispatches. The main purpose of technology - the provision of information in the right form.

Stage 2 (from the end of XIX century) - "manual" technology, equipped with more advanced means of delivering mail, instruments which were: a typewriter, a telephone, a voice recorder. The main purpose of technology - the provision of information in the right form more convenient means.

Stage 3 (40 - 60-ies of XX century) - "electric" technology, tools included: mainframe computers and software, electric typewriters, copiers, portable recorders. The main purpose of information technology begins to move with the presentation of information on the formation of its content.

Stage 4 (from the beginning of the 70s.) - "Electronic" technology, the basic tools of which were large computers and of the automated control systems (ACS) created on their basis, as well as information retrieval systems, equipped with a wide range of basic and specialized software complexes. Technology center of gravity is shifting even more on the formation of the substantive aspect of the information management environment for the various spheres of public life, especially in the organization of analytical work.

Stage 5 (mid-80s) "Computer" ( "new") technology, the main tool of which is a personal computer with a wide range of standard software products for different purposes. Such systems have built-in elements of the analysis and artificial intelligence for different levels of management, which are implemented on a personal computer and are used for telecommunications. In connection with the transition to microprocessor base, household hardware, and other cultural destinations undergo significant changes.

Step 6 - "Network Technology" (sometimes considered as a part of computer technology) has proved to be the leading point and the most popular tool of information technology. In recent years, the term "information technology" often stands synonym for the term "computer technology", as all information technology is now one way or another connected with the use of a computer. However, the term "information technology" is much wider and includes "computer technology" as a component. At the same time, information technology based on the use of modern computer and network resources, the term is called as "Modern Information Technologies". So, this term is really actual and very important nowadays.

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