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Nuclear energy essay or renewable energy essa - whatever you call your essay, you should possess required knowledge in this field. Energy , according to Wikipedia, is the foundation of the entire world economy. About a quarter of all consumed energy resources is expended in electric power industry. The remaining 3/4 consists of industrial and domestic heat, transportation, and metallurgical and chemical processes. World’s annual energy consumption is increasing, because the steady progress of the economy is impossible without constant energy development.

Life is the energy and the history of the development of civilization is a history of mastering energy technologies. First, it was the energy of burning wood and other organic matters, as well as small power of mills. However, the technological revolution became possible only under condition of transition to non-renewable (traditional) sources, in the first stage - coal, in the second stage - oil and gas.

For most of human history, the main source of energy lied in manual labor of a certain extent, which was supplemented by the energy of domestic animals, water and wind. However, animals can not work for too long without any breaks, the use of water wheels requires ponds, and windmills are not always spinning with the required speed.

By the beginning of the XVIII century a lot of machines were invented. The major obstacle to their application lied in the lack of a driving force. The invention of the steam engine at the end of the XVIII century was a turning point that led to the Industrial Revolution. At first, firewood was used as the basic fuel for the steam engines. Later, with increasing demand for energy and deforestation, wood was replaced by coal. At the end of the XIX century  coal has become the main source of energy for men. However, coal mining is dangerous, since it is inconvenient for transportation, and it greatly pollutes the atmosphere when burnt. In the first part of the XX century, electricity appeared. However, it is the secondary energy source. To retrieve it, the primary ones are required: coal, oil, nuclear fuel.

Among all areas of human use of fuel and energy resources (FER) are the following key ones:

  • Transport.

  • Industry - metallurgy, chemical synthesis, production of finished products.

  • Temperature control - heating and cooling, hot water supply.

  • The production of electricity needed to run electric motors, lighting, consumer and industrial electronics.

The problem of energy crisis is extremely serious and every person should be aware of it, in order to save our planet and to eliminate negative consequences.

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