Essay About Poverty


What do you think is it necessary to start with when you think about essay on poverty writing? Essays about poverty should contain your personal opinion and attitude towards this issue, which you should express in your poverty essay.

To be poor doesn’t mean to be bad. Poor people are usually not spoiled by the money and their inner world is quite rich. Poor man... During the lifetime, we often hear this phrase. More often, the poor man is being called so more often when he is financially poor, rather than he experiences grief or troubles. However, the concept of “poor” is not so narrow, as it may seem to be at first glance. You can look at the word "poor" not from the material point of view, but from the spiritual one. And, if we are accepting this fact, then we will see that the majority of the world's population lives in poverty, according to Wikipedia. Yes, and I am not exaggerating! Just look how people are treating each other.

Very often a person can have not much money and he can hardly survive, but his kindness, sincerity, radiance, unselfishness, intelligence and cheerfulness make us think that this person is the richest and the happiest man ever! Looking at his smile, sometimes you do not notice that a man is dressed in an old, worn clothes, but on the contrary – you elevate him to the ducal family. In principle, it is the way it is! Such a person does not need money to be rich, he needs a family and communication, that's all. Just think about the rich people: they are always dull, cheerless, rude, greedy, and no matter how much money they have, they are never enough. Their whole life is focused on rich capital. That is why their life is boring, nervous, deprived of basic pleasures of life: the smiles and tears of a loved child, a breath of warm wind, the gentle embrace of his beloved wife and her gentle kiss in the morning.

These things are extremely important in our lives and we have no right to miss them! Our life is the only one we have to live it proudly, in order to transfer our experience to new generations. That is why, when it comes about poverty, it is necessary to think about the things you have in your soul, not in your pocket or wallet. It is more important to have rich and deep knowledge, together with good personal traits, than 1 million dollars on your bank account.

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