Learning A New Language Essay


Essay about learning is a very important topic. Essay about learning English is also an important topic to write on. It's no secret that nowadays, in order to do business successfully, knowledge of foreign languages ​​is a must. It is also useful to know foreign languages, particularly English, when using the worldwide Internet network, where this language is an international language of communication for a large number of people from different countries. No one would dispute the need for foreign language skills in the tourist trips. Is there anyone who does not want to relax somewhere abroad or even travel around the world? Knowing the language is necessary for wide applications: for the love of literature, news, cultural and scientific life and other information. In short, in recent decades, knowledge of foreign languages ​​has become a necessity, as the general ability to read and write.

Nowadays people talk almost three thousand languages. Some of them are being spoken by millions of people, while others only by hundreds. From the variety of languages only several can be distinguished as the major ones. These are those languages, which are being spoken  not less than by 50% of the people of the Earth. That is why, pupils at schools usually learn English, French, German and Spanish languages.

In addition, the fashion for the language should not be discounted. It is considered that today, the most fashionable in the world languages are English and Russian. People began to study Spanish and Asian languages more recently: Chinese, Japanese, languages of India. There are also people, who are fluent in several foreign languages. They are called polyglots.

According to Wikipedia, in order to learn foreign language and to understand your interlocutor, who is a native speaker of this language, college classes and tutor’s classes are not enough. It is necessary to immerse into a specific language environment, starting with the most basic communication: at home, in the family, with friends, at school and with friends who know this language. Nowadays there appeared a lot of new opportunities: language learning clubs are being opened, foreign language courses are very numerous and they offer to improve your knowledge or to teach you from scratch.

Of course, when you want to learn new language, you should have good memory and logical thinking. However, to know the language, read and speak a foreign language is a feasible task. It is only necessary to approach this issue with the utmost seriousness. It is proved that the language learning skill is not the privilege of the elite. All the children can quickly and easily learn the language.

Today, it is becoming increasingly difficult to live without the knowledge of foreign languages. When learning new language, you will find out a lot of interesting things not only about the languages, but also about the culture of the country. The knowledge of new languages gives an opportunity to be intelligent person and to develop memory.

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