Women In Islam Essay


Christianity vs Islam essay or other Islamic essays are very interesting topics to write about.

What is the notion of Muslim woman? In the understanding of most people in the world is being associated with male superiority, female discrimination, gender inequality, patriarchy and so on. It should be mentioned that Islam is quite radical in itself. Human choice is severely limited by Islamic canons, which significantly violates the rights of both men and Muslim women.

However, Christianity and Islam are identical in many aspects. Even the understanding of the way woman appeared is the same in these two religions. Many historians believe that up to the European "Enlightenment", and I would say even before the beginning of the 20th century, women in Islam had more rights and freedoms than Christian women. Another thing is that with scientific and technological progress the role of Christianity inevitably diminished, the influence of the church deteriorated, many things that were explained by divine origin, was explained by science. Man in western society has become more dissolved and dissolute, as the government itself has become such. In the Islamic world, such processes have been expressed less vividly. It can be explained by more conservative, but at the same time a radical mentality, huge influence of customs and traditions in all spheres of life, as well as the inseparability of Islam and the authorities.

According to Wikipedia,there is no doubt that a Muslim woman has certain rights, but in comparison with men, she has less rights. She has the right to life, education, housing, food, marriage for love, good his attitude. One may think that it is enough, however, Muslim women have no rights to vote, which diminishes their role in the society.

Here are the main aspects that describe women rights in Muslim countries:

  1. The position of women in Islam gives her the opportunity to live a happy life, to be loved, to enjoy the earthly and spiritual blessings. However, a Muslim woman should not commit such acts, which would not be approved of her husband.

  2. The woman plays an important part, but not in the social, economic or political life. Her sense of life lies in home, family and children.

  3. Attitude to women in the countries, preaching Islam, is essentially different from Western stereotypes, but it goes only for the sake of family, that is, to the benefit of the woman. Immoral lifestyle that is being rigidly suppressed by Islam, can not bring anything useful and constructive.

  4. Clothing. Islam forbids to denude those parts of the female body that Allah considered unacceptable to be seen by other men.

Making a conclusion, we can say that woman in Islam has her own rights and responsibilities, which shouldn’t take part in any conflicts. Some people may think that life of Muslim women is hard, but in some aspects it can be reflected as the life that every woman should live, taking care of the family, and letting men earn the money and do all the hard work.

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