Essay About Your Faith


Essay on faith can be quite difficult to write, because not every person can understand the meaning of this concept.

Faith, according to Wikipedia is an inner conviction of a man, his personal truth. Faith can be strong and unwavering. However, in some cases faith can be overwhelmed with external circumstances. People believe in God, in the higher mind, in ideas, in others and in themselves. Judging from what a person believes in or not, his thoughts, actions and behavior depend on.

Very often faith is being seen as a synonym of religion. However, these things are not the same. Religious person is primarily fascinated by the rituals, dogmas and the history of religion. He goes to church, dresses as the religion prescribes or observes fasting, for example. The believer may not behave in such a way, because faith lies deep in his heart. He can either demonstrate it or not, because there is no need in this. However, the real, genuine, heartfelt faith illuminates the person from the inside. Strong faith in something can make wonders. Man, who is incurably ill, believes that the Higher Power will help him to recover and he recovers! A young man believes in idea of communism and he does anything to achieve this goal. His wife believes that he will succeed and he really manages to do his best. The thing is in the fact that if someone believes in you, it will support and strengthen you in the best way.

Every man should believe in something. No matter what it would be. He may believe in God or any other higher being. Even being a staunch atheist, a person still believe. He believes in the logic of the structure of the world, in nature or in the human being, who is the center of the universe. I suppose that it doesn’t matter what person believes in. Even less important is what religion he sticks to. The fact is that every religion preaches certain moral standards. However, such rules are originally laid down in the soul of every man. Most people will not steal or kill, even if they don’t know the ten commandments of God.

Faith is the thing that supports every man. In particularly bad cases, when there is no more hope, most people turn to God, seeing it as the last support. In some ways, people can be especially weak and vulnerable. That is the time when the things or people they believe in become their main support.

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