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Essay about name or essay about your name, whatever you call your paper, should reflect quite a lot of different aspects. Person’s destiny is being influenced by many factors: time and place of birth, parents' identity, education, health and nature. Not the last role plays the name given to the child by his parents. The effect of the name on the destiny of a person had been known since ancient times. Name, according to Wikipedia, is an integral part of a person, his "calling card" in society, his face. The name gives first impression when meeting with a person. The name reflects the character of the person it belongs to, determines his success or failures, affects the relationships with people.

Effect of the name on the character and destiny of a person had been studied by scholars for a long time. However, its mechanism is not known until the end. According to social theory, the person's name is a unit of information accumulated by society in the process of its development, being transferred from generation to generation. Each name is a word in any language, and has a certain value. In addition to its value, the name is loaded with information about the character and deeds of great men, who owned it. The attitude of others towards the carrier of the name  is being determined by this information, as well as determines the formation of the corresponding traits of character in the process of the development of a man. In this case the mechanism of suggestion works. It lies in the fact that the meaning of the name and the expectations of others are suggesting a certain model of behavior to the child.

Variants of social theory are the so-called emotional and sound theories. According to the emotional theory, the nature of man and his fate depends on how pleasant and melodic his name sounds to others: the better it sounds, the easier and more favorable fate he will have. Sound theory suggests that each set of sounds irritates different parts of the cerebral cortex and causes various human reactions to a particular name. The carrier of the name has a certain set of sounds, which constantly influences one and the same area of the cerebral cortex, forming certain character traits.

Nevertheless, the effect of the name on the fate largely depends on how it is perceived by others. Every society has its own traditions, its own history, its own religion and its own language. However, the impact of the name is determined not only by the prevalence in the language environment. In order to choose the name for the child properly it is important to know what it means. Bringing up a child, parents consciously or unconsciously  transfer their expectations, inspiring him the way he should live and behave. Ideally, these expectations must not conflict with the value of the name and the information that it carries.

It may occur unsuccessful to name the child after a relative or some famous person. In this case he is being imposed by a duty to be not worse than the sample. However, the man comes into this world not as a blank sheet, but with a certain inclinations, which may differ from person to person. If because of his innate qualities he will not be able to correspond to the given sample, it may negatively affect his destiny. To name children after dead people is considered to be a bad luck.

Some names can cause a sharply negative reaction in the society, that is why it is necessary to choose the name for the child attentively, considering a lot of different factors, including culture, society, fashion and customs of the country you live in.

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