Essay on climate change: how to write it successfully


Climate change essays can be rather difficult to write, because this topic is very important for our planet. That is why, such essays require deep research and collecting modern data. If you would like to write really good global climate change essay, this article may give you some interesting ideas and inspire you to write perfect essay by yourself.

So, climate change is a long lasting change of whether, which influences the environment significantly. Nowadays, the problem of climate change is very important. It is considered to be one of the greatest problems of our environment, because the average temperature is constantly increasing and it has leaded to such a disaster, as global warming. You may think that this is not that significant, but if to study this issue properly, you will understand that global warming can be really dangerous.

Changes in climate can affect not only the environment, but also our health. Too severe heat in summer and extremely cold winters can be very dreadful for old people and those, who have bad health.

We cannot influence the climate change, but human actions can accelerate these changes in climate. Today the progress is going on and on, and our planet is already dotted with mills and factories. Their emissions not only pollute the environment, but they also emit heat, which goes into the atmosphere. Polluted air is very dangerous for peoples’ health, especially in combination with heat.

People are polluting the planet a lot. We may not even notice that, but every day we are doing something which influences our environment poorly. We are buying plastic bags, which cannot be recycled, plants that we have created, are polluting the air, waste products from these plants are being thrown out into the water. Because of all these factors, animals and plants are suffering a lot.

Another huge problem is the deforestation. Trees are considered to be the lungs of the earth, because they are producing oxygen we breathe. The more forests are being cut down, the worse it is for the environment. The air is being polluted and the oxygen is not being produced.

Let’s take Zambia, for example. People are very poor there and the level of mortality is really high because the climate conditions make them unable to grow food. In addition, they have no money to buy products from other countries. This fact is really sad, and the number of such poor areas, which are suffering from climate changes, is constantly growing.

We should appreciate the things we have and we should try harder to make our planet better. It is easy to pollute and spoil, but it is much harder to fix everything back. We should build a lot more cleaning systems, which will help to improve the air we breathe. Changes are in our hands, do not forget it!

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