Essay On Critical Thinking


Critical thinking essay, according to Wikipedia is a type of essay, in which the writer should share his thoughts and observation as for the topic of the essay. The task of the writer while writing essay on critical thinking, is to provide the reader with the coherent analysis of his thoughts as for the subject he is writing the essay on. It is quite difficult for tutors to evaluate the critical thinking essay, because all the students have different thoughts and points of view. That is why, the tutor usually check the coherence of the text, and the way the writer developed the idea. That is why, it is very important to follow the tips below, in order to write really great  critical thinking essay.

This is the so-called outline for the critical thinking essay, which you can use to write your own.

  1. Choose the topic of the critical essay, in case if you do not have one. This part is considered to be as an introduction to your essay. Here, in a few words, you can explain the importance of the topic, the reason why you chose it and enumerate the things you are going to discuss further.

  2. Make up a thesis statement. Do not forget, that it is the main idea of your essay, so try to do your best to make it interesting and sound understandable and precise. Strong thesis statement gives the needed information to the reader, as he understand the whole point that you are discussing in the paper. Also, analyze the material you have. It will help to support your ideas further, or will simply give you a clue, what factors to discuss in the paper, in case if you do not know how to develop the thesis statement.

  3. Consider a couple of points of view, describe them in general, and then choose the one you support. When you decide which one to stick to, you can support this idea with arguments and evidences.

  4. Make the draft of the main body of your critical thinking essay. When making a draft, new ideas may come to your mind, and you may want to change something and improve the whole essay. Make a summary of the main arguments. Just keep in mind, that the essay and the arguments you are enumerating, should be coherent.

  5. Make a good conclusion. In this part, you should explain why your topic is important, what were your findings and do not forget to describe the importance of those findings. In a few sentences you can describe the ways for further study. It will make your essay even more serious, even if the topic is not serious at all.

Keeping in mind this simple plan, you will have an opportunity to write really good critical thinking essay. It is important to be coherent and precise in the thoughts you are describing in the essay. So, the more you support your essay with arguments, the more convincing it will be for the reader.

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