Essay On Cyber Bullying


Cyber bullying essay is really important to write on. Cyber crime essays have become so popular due to the fact that this problem has become really vivid nowadays and cause a lot of harm.

We live in the era of information society, where computers and telecommunication systems cover all areas of human activity and the state. Man has always been vulnerable, but recently we found out that we are vulnerable twice more. It affects not only real world, but also the world of computers, so called cyberspace. Society put itself at the service of telecommunications and global computer networks, without foreseeing the abilities for abuse they can cause. Today, not only people, but the whole countries can become the victims of the criminals, operating the virtual space. At the same time, the safety of thousands of users can become dependent on a few criminals. The number of crimes committed in cyberspace, increases in proportion to the number of users of computer networks and, according to Interpol estimates, rates in crime increase of cybercrime is the fastest on the planet.

The concept of cyber crime, according to Wikipedia, is unusual for law enforcement, but the criminal actions in which the global computer network Interne is used, possess a great danger to the public.

Today, significant part in the total volume of criminal offenses is taken by criminality, connected with the usage of computer systems and networks. It promotes the growth and development of the very nature of this type of crime, which is based on open and public nature of the Internet.

National infrastructure of any country is tightly connected with the usage of contemporary computer technologies. The daily activities of the banking and energy systems air traffic control, transport network, even emergency medical care are completely dependent on the reliable and safe operation of automated computer systems. Criminality in the use of computer technology ("cybercrime") - is a phenomenon of international importance, the level of which depends directly on the level of development and introduction of modern computer technology, networks of public usage and access to them.

The main aim of cybercriminals is a computer system that controls a variety of processes, as well as the information that circulates in them. In contrast to the common criminals that works in the real world, cybercriminals do not use traditional weapons, such as knife or a gun. Their arsenal lies in information weapons, which includes all of the tools that are used to infiltrate your network, hacking and software modifications, unauthorized information or blocking the operation of computer systems. The arms of cybercriminals also include computer viruses, backdoors, various types of attacks that can allow unauthorized access to a computer system.

The problem of cybercrime is particularly relevant nowadays. Sociological surveys from various countries show that cybercrime takes one of the top places among the problems that disturb people. Moreover, according to experts, today this phenomenon is much more dangerous than 5 years ago, due to the use of advanced information technologies by criminals, as well as due to the growing vulnerability of modern industrial society. Despite the efforts of countries, aimed at fighting against cybercriminals, their number in the world is not being reduced, but on the contrary, it is constantly growing.

The problem of cyber bullying is quite important and serious nowadays. That is why we should be very careful when using Internet or some suspicious programs. The way we protect our computer reflects the way we are protecting ourselves.

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