Essay On Drinking And Driving


Drunk driving essay is a very serious topic. So, in case if you need to write drinking and driving essays, then the following information is for you. Drunk driver at the wheel of the car is a case of an emergency. It poses a threat to life and health of all traffic participants. However, drunkenness in road transport despite the constant struggle with it is still an unsolved problem. Alcohol, according to Wikipedia, is the most frequent cause of accidents. Alcohol is the most frequent cause of accidents.

If you ask the driver why he can not drive in a drunken state, the most likely response will be the following: alcohol dissipates attention, decreases memory, increases the response time, disturbs coordination of movements as well as the regulation of will. It is believed that if a healthy young driver drinks a glass of vodka, then these qualities will become much lower. If he drank a small amount of this drink, then these qualities will worsen only a bit, and a person may seem that this problem may be neglected.

Experience also shows that the majority of road accidents related to alcohol intoxication occurs precisely under the consumption of the alcohol in such small doses. Hence, the reason is not only in the reduction of physiological characteristics, as another factor dominates here. When a person drinks a significant proportion of alcohol, he feels the state of intoxication, and usually does not drive. If there is such a desperate driver who allows himself to drive a car in such a state, he is trying to drive the car as much cautious and attentive as possible, in order to somehow compensate the decline of his physical abilities.

When a person drinks a glass of beer or a glass of wine, he usually does not feel the intoxication. However, such a small dose of alcohol still tones the body. A person starts to feel the rise of forces and the worst thing is that he starts to evaluate his capabilities inadequately.

In case of strong or weak intoxications, causes of road accidents are fundamentally different. Under strong intoxications, accidents usually occur as a result of reduction of physiological functions. Under low level of intoxication, except for the certain decrease of functioning, psychological effect is acting. A person may underestimate the danger of the situation, that is why he doesn’t use the abilities he has.

After alcohol intake, the flow of psycho-physiological processes is being disturbed. These processes are responsible for the timeliness and correctness of actions of the driver in difficult traffic conditions. Visual acuity is being reduced, as well as the ability to distinguish the colors, which slows down the perception of rapidly changing traffic conditions. Severity of these disorders depends on the dose of the alcohol which was consumed.

After the alcohol intake functions of attention are being violated. Functions of memory, thinking processes are slowed down, muscle strength is being reduced, motor coordination is impaired, the time of sensorimotor responses increases. As a result, the driver needs more time to assess the traffic situation, for decision-making and implementation of the necessary control actions. However, these violations are not being noticed by the driver. Thus, it may seem to a drunken driver that the  pedestrian is 30 meters away, although the actual distance is not more than 15-18 meters. It may seem to him that he hit the brakes immediately, but in real he did it with lateness.

The effects of alcohol on the human body and its performance is determined not only by its quantity, but also depends on many other factors. If alcohol is taken on an empty stomach, then alcohol is being rapidly absorbed and a person gets drunk faster. Ill and tired people are more exposed to alcohol intoxication and they get drunk faster. Degree of intoxication after the intake of the same dose of alcohol depends on individual tolerance, the age, sex, body weight and degree of addiction.

That is why, the intake of the same doses of alcohol can cause different intoxicating effect on other people, as well as for the same person depending on his state at the moment. For these reasons, the drivers who took the same amount of alcohol may be of different degrees of danger to the traffic.

In any case, you should be very careful and never drive when you are drunk. You expose to danger your life, as well as lives of people, who surround you. In addition, drunk driving is an offense against the low. Take care of yourself and never drive drunk.

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