Essay On Drug Addiction


Drug addiction, according to Wikipedia is a disease that is accompanied by a craving for consumption of narcotic drugs. This problem has existed for a long time and it is very hard to deal with it. The problem is that not many people manage to get rid of it.

There is a number of specific reasons, because of which the disease appears. The most basic is a dissatisfaction with life, when a person feels that something is missing in his life.

This conditions can begin in early childhood. Man is constantly in search of something that could give him new sensation. In most cases drugs are those substances, that are able to give the desired to a person. Another common reason is education. A child, who is being brought up in the family of drug addicts of in incomplete family is prone to become drug dependent person in the future.

Drug addiction is considered to be a disease among physicians. That is why this diseases was divided into two types: physical and psychological addictions.

  • Physical dependence can be characterized by painful desire to experience pleasant feelings provoked by drugs. Some people relieve this discomfort with the help of drugs. This kind of dependence necessarily arises if one or another drug was used several times. Some individuals are exposed to such a relationship immediately after the first use of narcotic substance.

  • Psychological dependence occurs due to the fact that a person wants to change his condition and feelings with the help of drugs. It is certainly a terrible disease. Under such conditions the person is constantly being disturbed by the idea of drug intake. Depression and bad mood can be observed. When a person received a dose of a drug his condition changes immediately. He becomes animated and cheerful. It also happens that a man can not suppress his desire for the drug. That is, he does everything to get it. This state is regarded as a strong psychological addiction.

It should be noted that the physical addiction is much harder than psychological. In this condition suffers the whole body. When a person is constantly using drugs, the body gets used to it and thinks that drugs should be taken all the time.

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