What Is Justice Essay


Very often we hear such topics as social justice essay, criminal justice essay, or juvenile justice essay. Justice is a broad concept that everyone understands in his own way. The understanding may differ, depending on the mood, weather, time of the year, and many other factors. Before starting this essay, I had no idea that it would be so difficult for me to give a definite answer. For me, justice is when everything is right. However, what exactly is right? Everyone has his own truth: there is the truth of the sheep, who wants to live, and there is the truth of the she-wolf, who needs to feed her cubs.

To understand, what justice really is, according to Wikipedia, is not an easy thing to do. Philosophers from all over the world can not give anything but an abstract definition of the concept of justice. You can consider justice in two different ways:

  1. Justice in the law, when there are written rules, which define the conditions of punishments, measures and boundaries.

  2. The notion of justice, as a set of values of each person.

In the first case we have a written document, which we can reference to, and support the words with reasonable arguments. In the second case, any attempt to understand the validity of actions and deeds does not lead to anything other than open-ended questions, because each person has his own justice, thus, any response will be subjective.

What is justice for each of us? How your inner “I” determines the level of fairness towards you, and how fair you are towards others? I can imagine that each of us has an internal scale. They might have been formed on the basis of family values, education, social norms and ethics. This tool responds to any action taking place outside. And since people are inherently selfish, they try on any action themselves. Here everything will depend on the way the scale will turn.

Normally, we do not analyze why we are committing certain actions and deeds and why we are reacting to various irritators the way we do. Perhaps, in this case the factor of experience is playing its part. The older we are, the more patterns is being formed in our mind, the faster we are reacting to certain actions. It means that we percept justice unconsciously, mostly on the emotional level. Why is it easier to help someone who is going through a similar experience as you, rather than someone who does not cause the response? If you feel uncomfortable on the emotional level, then you know that you have been treated unfairly.

For me, justice is being fair and considerable towards the situation or action that is happening at the moment. Justice creates an atmosphere of comfort, in a certain way. Consequently, person feels no tension and becomes more relaxed. Justice can be defined by the measure of your own experience. It is a subjective concept, which is more emotional than rational. The main thing is not to change your principles, because your opinion is extremely important.

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