Why Reading Is Important


Importance of reading essay is a very important and interesting topic. Reading essays can disclose some interesting facts you probably didn’t know.

Speech is one of the most important communicative channels of any human being. Most people like to communicate and in most cases they use oral speech. However, there exists one more type of communication not less important and valuable. It is the written word, which is being manifested through the oral speech imprinted on the media device.

Until recently, the main carrier of the information was paper: books, newspapers, magazines. Today the range has been expanded by electronic data carriers. Reading is also a way of communication through the carrier. If no one doubts in the benefits of interpersonal communication, then the benefit of reading becomes also obvious.

The usage of reading, according to Wikipedia, is tremendous, because when reading, the person learns something new, interesting, expands the horizon and enriches the vocabulary. Reading gives people an aesthetic satisfaction, it is perhaps the most versatile and easy way of entertainment, but also an important part of the cultural and spiritual self-improvement. Psychologists say that the reading - an essential process in all stages of formation of the person. Starting from the early childhood, when the child's parents read aloud, ending with the mature age, when a person is going through personal crises and spiritual growth. The benefits of reading in adolescence are also invaluable. When reading, teenagers not only develop memory, thinking and other cognitive processes, but they also develop emotional and volitional sphere, learn to love, to forgive, to empathize, to assess the actions, to analyze actions and to trace the causal connections between events. There are, therefore, obvious benefits of books that allow you to grow and cultivate a holistic, harmonious personality. In the process of reading, both hemispheres of the brain of a person are working actively. When reading (the work of the left hemisphere) the person is constantly drawing images in his mind (the work of the right hemisphere). In such a way, a person not only gets pleasure from reading. But he also develops his brain abilities.

Everyone knows that book is the best gift. As a rule, serious and intelligent works of writers are being printed in books. Before the book is published, it is being checked by editors, specialists are writing reviews, to minimize the risk of low quality book to get to the reader.

Books, especially classical literature, written in beautiful, interesting, literate and rich language, contain smart and necessary thoughts. In addition, the book can be read at home and at work, in transport and at rest, sitting, standing or lying down. It is a perfect way of self development and entertainment.

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