Essay On Legalization Of Weed


What if you need to write persuasive essay on legalizing weed? Essay on why weed should be legalized is a very important topic which should be written on the basis of certain facts.

Why do we need the legalization of weed? According to Wikipedia, the prohibition of marijuana has failed. The authorities prohibited marijuana in order to take strict control of its production and consumption. Obviously, this plan failed: despite the fact that the on the legislative level it was imposed by criminal penalties, each year about 25 million people in the United States consume marijuana. Cannabis has become the largest cash crop in the United States, and it is being anonymously grown throughout the country. The statements of some politicians that the prohibition of marijuana has justified itself are unfounded, because the real facts show the situation the other way round. The idea of extermination of cannabis as a culture that has been recently very popular in America was recognized as ridiculous, even by the most inveterate opponents of marijuana.

Regulated market of marijuana will reduce the level of consumption among adolescents. It is the illegal status of marijuana that gives it special value in the eyes of teenagers. Firstly, it is the "forbidden fruit", and secondly, it is possible to make a lot of money to trade a prohibited substance. After legalization of weed it will be impossible to received excessive profits from the cannabis trade, and teenagers will have no stimulus to sell this substance to each other.

Legalization of marijuana will greatly reduce the outflow of capital from the country's economy in the hands of international criminal gangs. The illegal status of cannabis allows to get huge benefit from its cultivation for the further smuggling into the US. The plant itself is being cultivated in other countries.

Marijuana is not a deadly drug, which is much safer than alcohol. The fact that marijuana is not toxic for humans is a proven scientific fact. An overdose of this substance is practically impossible. Mild psychological dependence can be formed, but it can’t be compared with the dependence, which is caused by alcohol and cigarettes. The danger of marijuana consumption has been greatly exaggerated for almost a hundred years. It can be proved by the independent researches. Most statements of the opponents of the legalization are based on the outdated prejudices, which has been popular in the last century. Current research does not give grounds for concern regarding the safety of weed. Of course, as well as the alcohol and tobacco, weed is the substance forbidden for kids. Everyone will agree with that. However, its moderate consumption will not carry any negative consequences for the adults and society as the whole.

Marijuana is an effective medication. The positive impact from the consumption of marijuana can be successfully used for medical purposes. Thus, this substance has relatively mild side effects. Many Americans are already actively using medical marijuana for the treatment of serious diseases. Cannabis has proved to be an effective drug in the treatment of: acute and chronic pain, nausea, seizures and other unpleasant symptoms. It is proved that cannabis can be used as a means of calming and relaxing under stress and it is much safer than regular consumption of alcoholic beverages.

The movement for the legalization of had already engulfed the majority of countries. Activists for the legalization of marijuana are determined to achieve their goal, no matter what. Their efforts are not in vain: every day more and more people (including politicians and public officials) change their attitude to cannabis for the better. Therefore, legalization is only a matter of time.

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