Essay On Patriotism


So, you need to write patriotism definition essay, or essay about patriotism. This topic is very interesting and important, because it is always actual for each of us. What do you usually think about when you think of patriotism?

The notion of patriotism is known from ancient times, when the first wars occurred. The history of the mankind is the history of the wars and battles. There always two sides in any war: the country, which is the conqueror and the country, which is being conquered. Protecting your family, your homeland, your children, the person becomes not only the warrior, but also the patriot.

The notion of patriotism was becoming more global with years. The person- patriot sacrifices not only his well-being, he also sacrifices his life. It is very important, because there is nothing more important than your life. Thus, patriot is the person in its most precious meaning. The most understandable for our generation is The II World War, when the despot and very cruel person Adolf Hitler decided to destroy the half of the mankind and to conquer the whole world. May countries of  Europe, USA, Russia and the United Kingdom gathered for the struggle against the conqueror.  During this time, the notion of patriotism got a special meaning. These were not the ordinary words, but real people, who were ready to give their lives to save the country and the mankind in the whole. We know a lot of examples, when the soldiers were protecting lives of others, by covering muzzles of the guns with their bodies. When pilots were crashing the planes of the enemy with their own planes, and they knew that their own death was inevitable.

The feeling of patriotism is inherent not to every person. We do not know, what exactly influences this quality: either education or ordinary humanity, but not every person will be ready to give his life in the honor of lofty goal. If there were no patriots, many countries of the world would have appeared under the pressure of the fascists.

Each of us knows a lot about patriotism. However, what do you feel when you imagine that something dangerous may happen to your country? Answering this question, you will find out your attitude towards this issues. Some people may say that they are worried about their families, others will find out that they are worried about themselves only, while some of you may think that they are truly afraid that something bad can happen to their native country.

Each of us have different understanding of patriotism and different attitude towards is. The most important thing is to understand that peace in the whole world is the most important for the mankind! If people stop wars and killing each other, our life will be better, easier, and happier. We will forget about cruelness and deaths. All the people in the world deserve to leave in peace. To be or not to be the patriot of your native country- this choice is only up to you.

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