Essay On Peer Pressure


You have to write peer pressure essay and you do not know what to start with. It is important to mention the effects of peer pressure in your essay.

It is a well-known fact that children are considered to be cruel. Everybody knows about adolescence. It is a very difficult period in life of every person and each of us experienced this period in this or that time. No one will argue that it is rather difficult time especially for children. Although some parents may, of course, disagree.

Psychologists say that this difficult period of adolescence starts from 12 years and lasts up to 17 years. At this age, most children try their first cigarette, alcohol, first sex, and some drugs. Partial reason to gain experience of such kind lies in peer pressure. Some may resist it, while most is inclined to act the same way. What is the reason of such behavior?

Each of us, who can remember himself in such age, as well as those who have been in situations like this, know this feeling of confusion and self-doubt. Over a relatively short period of time the body experiences emotional and body change. Because of that it may seem that you differ from others and it can strongly influence your emotional well-being. It may even seem that your family and your way of life are causing your problems. A lot of strange and contradictory thoughts may appear in your head and you may feel yourself absolutely lonely.

One may feel that his parents and teachers do not understand him. Because of that, children have no one to ask for help or an advice. As a result, a child is looking for people who can understand him, and in most cases, such people are his peers. To be accepted in the company, a teenager is ready to do almost everything.

Very often it is considered to be cool to assert yourself at the expense of others. According to Wikipedia, boys are facing the problems of smoking and drinking alcohol, meanwhile girls are also subjected to peer pressure. Girls are being told that if they want to be popular and attractive, they must to have sex with boys. The most scary thing for any child at this age is to seem a looser in the eyes of others.

Parents of teenagers may feel that it is difficult to reach out the common sense of a teenager, but it is not the truth. At this time, every parent can become a real friend for his child, but this should be preceded by years of communication and presence in each other's lives.

To become a real friend of your child you have to prove him that he is your friend, as well as to prove that the attitude to the child and to the friend is different. Gradually, replace instructive and patronizing tone with some advice. Try to ask your child’s opinion about certain events and try to listen to it. Neither shouting, nor persuasions are able to help with the relationships. You should always remember that your child is not your property and he has his own personal experience. Try to trust him. However, at the same time you should be vigilant and attentive to the changes, which are taking place in the life of the child.

We should go through every period in our life. We should understand that each of us experienced or is about to experience adolescence. We also shouldn’t forget that some day we will be in the role of parents too and we should help our children to go through this difficult period of life, and to help them to become good persons.

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