Honor Definition Essay


What is honor and why has it been so appreciated for centuries? Poets and philosophers from the whole world are discussing this concept in their works. According to Wikipedia, honor was highly appreciated. People were ready to give their lives for the honor and they considered their life to be lost when they were losing it. In any case, the notion of honor includes the desire for moral perfection. This ideal man can create for himself, and may take it from the society. In the first case, in my opinion, it is a kind of internal honor, which includes such individual human qualities as courage, generosity, justice, honesty.

Honour definition essay

These are the beliefs and principles that form the basis of the human self-respect. It is the thing that he brings up and appreciates in himself. Man’s honor makes boarders of what person can allow to do and what he can’t. The same is about the attitude of others towards him.

Another understanding of the honor I have correlated with a more modern concept of reputation - this is how a man shows himself to others in communication and business. In this case, it is important "not to drop the dignity" in the eyes of other people, because few people want to deal with rude and unreliable person, who can let you down in any serious situation. However, a person may have a bad personality traits, and just try to hide them from others.

In any case, the loss of honor leads to negative consequences - a man can be disappointed with himself, or become an outlaws in society. The honor, which I define as the reputation, has always been considered as the main business factor for people - both men and women.

The main thing I realized is that the word "honor" related to the word "honesty". You should be honest with yourself and with other people. Do not think that in case if people consider you to be worthy man, you won’t be discussed or condemned. Honor, duty, conscience - these concepts can rarely be met. What are the meanings of these concepts?

Honor, in my opinion, is being associated with the army, with officers, who protect our homeland. This people are able to withhold the blows of fate with dignity.

Duty – is also connected with the fact that people, who are defending our homeland are completing the duty, sacrificing their lives and well-being in the honor of the big aim and in honor of other people.

Conscience is what lives inside every human being. There are people without a conscience. They can simply pass by grief, and not to help others. The most terrible thing is that nothing will torment them.

In most cases, all these concepts are tightly connected. They are complementing each other. As a rule, all these qualities are being given to us in the process of education, from our early childhood. We should do our best to be aware of what exactly honor is, in order to be better people.

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