Essay On Why I want To Go To College


Why I want to attend college essay is one of the most important in your academic life. You can find essay about college on the Internet, but the best it would be for you to write it by yourself. This type of essay should reflect your individuality and your personal thoughts about this topic.

Many students, graduating from school, are not sure what profession they would like to possess. In most cases, their doubts are caused by the instructions and comments of their parents. For example, parents want their son to be a doctor, while he want to be a teacher of English. Because of these doubts, which way to go, it becomes difficult for teenagers to make the decision and to be fully satisfied with it. However, if the decision is made, the next step is to choose the University or College you would like to study in.

Most High School pupils do not understand, why they should go to college, why it is so prestigious, and why it is so obligatory. For me, College – it is a way to successful and interesting life. I think that when person graduates from College, he possess many knowledge and skills, which will be very useful for the profession and life in general. When you are studying in College, it means that you have a certain aim and you are doing something to achieve it. I know that College life is not as easy as it may seem from the first sight. It is not only full of fun and parties. College life is full of studies, home assignments, which are challenging for me.

Being a good student is my aim, because I want to take all the best from the time spent in College. I am eager to learn more, in order to be clever, and good professional in my field of study.

Studying in College means living full life, as it is also a period of great experience. It is an amazing opportunity to find new friends, to meet new people and it will be  very interesting to communicate with those boys and girls, who have the same goals as you do. I suppose that, the more subjects you have in College, the better, as it will help you to be well-rounded person, who knows a lot of interesting and useful facts.

In my opinion, being a student is a wonderful opportunity to develop yourself as a personality and to learn something more. I am eager to start my studies, as I think that college life period is one of the best in the life of every person!

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