Evaluation essay on a movie


Nowadays, there are so many interesting movies, which are aimed to develop the outlook of every person for better, that more often tutors are asking students to watch this or that film and write movie evaluation essay, movie analysis essay, crash movie essay, glory movie essay and many other different types.

This task is very interesting, but not always it is easy, as some movies may be difficult for comprehension, or some people simply do not like writing essays, or find this task boring.

So, what should you do to write perfect movie evaluation essay? Evaluation essay should reflect not only your attitude towards the movie you watched, but also your feelings and thoughts which you experienced while watching it. There is no need to write detailed summary of the movie, or describe the events that happened there. You need to describe your evaluation.

  1. Try to start with an introduction. In a couple of introductive sentence, you can mention the director of the film and the actors, who played there. Next, you can say a couple of words about the plot. There is no need to retell it. Try to focus on the main idea of the film. After that, you should decide, whether you liked the movie or not. The next step is that you should support your idea with examples from the movie and explain the reason why you liked/disliked the movie. It will help the reader understand, that you have some groundings.

  2. Try to use as many examples from the film as possible. It would also be great if you add some citations. It will make your evaluation essay more fluent and vivid.

  3. Try not to use too expressive language, as it may spoil the whole atmosphere of the essay.

  4. Do not be too critique. Try not to insist on your point of view, but at the same time, try to persuade the reader that your thoughts are grounded.

  5.  Try to be neutral, but at the same time, you should convince the reader that your evaluation has the right for existence.

While writing evaluation essay on a movie, try to focus on the main details, that influenced your attitude. It is very important for the reader or the person, who will listen to your essay. Maybe you noticed something special or discovered the hidden sense of the plot.

However, your essay shouldn’t be too long. Try not to pay too much attention to the descriptions, as they can make your essay rather boring and the essay will lose its main idea.

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