Extroverts VS. Introverts: How To Choose Perfect Career


When choosing a job, according to Wikipedia, it is important to consider the psychological type of person – whether he is extrovert or introvert. If you find the right approach to this issue, then your profession will bring you joy, together with moral and material satisfaction. How to find out what work is suitable for each psychological type?

Job for Extroverts

Extroverts are very sociable people since their early childhood. They can easily say “Hello!” to an unknown person on the street and become leaders at school. When adults, extroverts continue to be in the center of attention not only among friends, but also among unfamiliar people. Psychologists distinguish the following appropriate job positions for such people:

  • Family doctors. Usually the best doctors are those who are extroverts, because due to their opened nature are able to talk to any patient productively, recommending a proper diet and medication, in order to bring to his mind the results of tests and analyzes. The main thing is that it will be pleasant and easy for the patient to communicate with his doctor.

  • Public Relations Specialists. Extroverts like to communicate with people, that is why job, connected with close contacts will be a good decision. This professional activity requires active communication with people, because extroverts are constantly establishing, maintaining and developing contacts with different groups of people at work.

  • Recruiters. Sociability and openness, which helps extroverts to win the interlocutor, allow to achieve success in the field of HR. They are able to create a friendly atmosphere so that a potential candidate for the position begins to feel at ease. Recruiter-extrovert can establish a dialogue with different people, and almost unerringly chooses the right person for a certain position.

  • Project coordinators. Extroverts will easily manage to organize the work and time for a lot of people to direct their activities towards a common goal, to give orders and competently set goals, as well as to monitor implementation of the plan.

Jobs for Introverts

Introverts do not like working with people, moreover, they are afraid of the idea of everyday communication at work with unfamiliar clients. They do not like to work in a team, they hate public speaking and presentations. It is worth noting that introverts’ desire to avoid excessive communication does not mean that they are boring or uninteresting people. On the contrary, they often have creative talents, thanks to which they become popular.

According to statistics, introverts make up only 25% of the total number of people, and it is very difficult for this small part of the population to find its place in the modern world. The fact that most of the jobs are now associating with close communication - either in a team or with clients, it is worth noting that they should pay attention to the following types of activities:

  • Auditors and accountants. This profession requires minimal communication with customers and employees of the company. Most of the time specialists have to work only with numbers, of course, it may seem boring and monotonous occupation, but not for the introvert.

  • Technical writers. The writer do not need to work in a team, as he can write at home, in a familiar and comfortable place for him.

  • Writers. This type of activity requires an individual approach, and sometimes it would be appropriate to be isolated from society. Writer’s job requires concentration and a certain talent.

  • Designers and artists. This activity also has individual character, as it implies a different approach to business and personal vision of the world. A good designer must constantly evolve, and for this there is no need to work in a team with anyone, because every creative person has his own way for the development and self-improvement.

  • Researchers. Researcher’s work is also individual in nature, since the person does not need to actively communicate with people, as it is more important to draw the conclusions carefully.

As you see, type of character can influence your future destiny. It is very important to choose the right career, considering all the factors mentioned above. If you like your job, you will be a happy person, who is fully satisfied with his life and enjoys every moment.

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