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Photography essay or essay on photography, according to Wikipedia, can be written in different ways. Either you have to write classic essay on photography or simple essay on photography, you should carefully read some specific information from various sources. Fine art was very popular in the Middle Ages. In those days, rich people wanted to capture themselves on the canvas, so that the descendants know about them. For this purpose, artists, who painted with oils and watercolors were hired. The result could hardly be called realistic, if the artist was not the greatest master of this case. Those artists may not have the talent as Leonardo da Vinci had. In most cases, they had average talent, that is why they had to look for another ways to get more realistic images.

One day someone came up with the idea to use the camera obscure for drawing. This device has been known for a long time. This box had small hole on the one end, through which the light was projected to the other end.

Artists slightly improved the obscure camera. They have put a mirror, after what the image began to fall onto the translucent sheet of paper. It remained only to redraw the picture precisely. And this is a little easier than drawing from nature. The main disadvantage of this method is the long duration of the drawing. There were also some questions as for the realism of the paintings. The artist worked with the same paintings, the pallet was not infinite and depended on the skills of the master. It is not surprising that in the future the obscure camera was improved.

The development of chemistry has allowed scientists to invent a special layer of asphalt varnish, reacting to light. In the 1820s, Joseph Nicephore Niepce invented to put this layer on the glass, which is then put on the camera obscure, instead of a sheet of paper. More precise date of photo invention is unknown.

Photo taking differed from the art photography only for the worst. It required a lot of time to get the photo. The picture was black and white and the quality was terrible. Nowadays, the invention of the photography is attributed to the years 1826. The earliest picture is dated with this year.

Since then, the development of photography has gone serious pace. Already in 1827 Joseph Nicephore Niepce, together with Jacques Mande Daguerre decided to use silver instead of glass plates (base was made of copper). With them, the exposure process was reduced to thirty minutes. This invention had only one drawback. To get the final photo one should have hold the plate in a dark room on the heated mercury vapors. This couldn’t be called the safest occupation.

The photos became of better quality. However, 30 minutes of exposure were too much. Not every family is ready to stand in front of the camera lens in the stillness that amount of time.

If the date of the invention of photography is determined by the XIX century, the color pictures appeared much later. Take a look at the photos stored in your family album. For the most part all the shots are made in black and white. The invention of color photography took place in 1861. James Maxwell used the method of color separation, thanks to which the first colorful photo appeared. The trouble of this method was that to create a picture one had to use just three cameras, on which different color filters were installed. Therefore, the practice of color photography had not been extended for a long time.

Since 1907 photographic plates from the Lumiere brothers began to be produced and sold. Thanks to them, really good photos could be obtained.

So in what year the invention of the photography really took place again? It happened in 1981. Computers were developing and gradually they started to display not only the text, but also the picture. It was possible to get them only by means of scanning.

The history of the invention of photography almost ended up on this. Nowadays, most people use digital cameras. The changes are only in the format of images and their resolution. The progress doesn’t stand still and in the future, we can expect the emergence of new types and photos.

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