How To Choose Perfect Oysters?


The problem of choice of oysters is quite significant, as their consumption is widespread all over the world and the are many oyster fans! What is good about oysters is that natural wild and those reared artificially are absolutely indistinguishable. The main thing is that the oysters, as well as the sturgeon must be only of "the first freshness"! Learning to eat oysters is not as difficult as some snobs may say. They are eaten alive, so when opening an oyster, it is necessarily to touch it with the edge of the knife, the oyster should falter. It is not necessary to water the oyster with lemon juice or vinegar, it will only spoil the taste, it is better to hold the nerve of the shellfish in the mouth, which contains the most valuable and the most delicious part. The nerve is located in the center of the oyster and it looks like a small circle. Oysters are of two types, depending on the shell shape: flat and deep.

Carefully inspect the shell. If the shell is even slightly opened, it means that the oyster is dead, and they are being spoiled really fast. Keep the oysters on ice. You will open the oyster from the narrow side with a sharp knife. Squeeze the oyster with the towel and cut its muscle. After that you should immediately eat the flesh. The water should not be drunken out of the shell. Oysters which are caught immediately after the storm, may have sand on the bottom of the shell. To the same reason, do not turn the shell in your hands, let it rest on its flat side.

French classical school tells us that oysters should be eaten alive only. In the first few seconds after opening it is necessary to hold a knife or your fingernail on the mantle of the oyster. The oyster should move, which means that it is alive. If the oyster is not moving when you are touching the mantle, then you need to throw it away, as it is dangerous for consumption. Oysters are served live, chilled on ice, with shallot sauce - it consists of red wine vinegar, slightly diluted with water, and finely chopped shallots. Yet they have a great garlic bread - dark bread rubbed with garlic and butter and lightly grilled. After easting an oyster, make good gulp of champagne Chablis or white dry wine.

Oysters can not be served as a separate dish, they are usually served as an appetizer before the main meal. Only in the oyster bar, you can order oysters only. Oysters are found only in certain waters. They prefer water with low salt content. Therefore, they live strictly in tidal areas near the mouths of rivers. There are not so many such places on the planet. That is why the oysters and consider as a delicacy.

French custom of eating oysters is the oldest, while the first place for growing oysters in the world, belongs to the United States. In addition, oyster is a well known assistant in love, it is one of the most powerful aphrodisiacs.

Previously, there was a rule, according to which, you can only eat oysters in months, the title of which has the letter "r" (ie, in the winter season - from September to April), this is usually explained as follows: in the summer oysters are concerned in procreation. Because of love, they lose much in taste, and sometimes they can even be poisonous. However, modern technology of oyster cultivation and storage made it possible to eat them all year round.

As you see, there are many ways to eat oysters. The most important thing is to choose the oyster correctly, in order for it to be fresh and tasty. It is up to you, to choose whether to eat it with the sauce or without it. The only thing we can say ta\hat oysters are really good for your health and you should try them at least once in a lifetime.

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