How To Use Essential Oils in Beauty Care


Essential oils can serve as a great help in taking care of yourself: they are able to help to smooth out the irregularities of the skin, to cope with the peeling or vice versa - with a fat content. Many natural oils are multitasks, they are cheaper than many compositions comprising them, and the origin and composition of the oils themselves can be easily traced. We figured out top ten natural oils that you can use for beauty care. and created this list for you!

  1. Coconut oil. The first one, when it comes to beauty, oils, comes to mind, perhaps the coconut oil. Those who do not know anything about it, apparently lived somewhere in isolation. The last couple of years, starting from beauty bloggers to experts on weight loss and healthy cuisine adherents, are discussing its miraculous properties. Someone takes it before the meal, someone uses oil for washing, instead of the air conditioner for the hair, and some even use it when cooking instead of butter and sunflower oil. However, it is important not to overdo with it. Coconut oil is very nutritious, so first it is necessary to taste it in small quantities. Both the skin and hair from the masks from coconut oil are shining - it is fine for the shortage of natural oils and has antimicrobial and antibacterial properties.

  2. Olive oil. Olive oil is well suited not only for Mediterranean cuisine recipes, but also to improve the skin - it contains large amounts of antioxidants. It has anti-inflammatory properties, it can be used as the basis for a scrub (just please do not use sugar as an abrasive, as advised on YouTube). The most popular combination for oily washings includes exactly olive oil, which moisturizes the skin without clogging pores. If you combine it with castor oil or hazelnut for washing, it is necessary to take into account features of your skin: if it is dry, you will need to add more castor oil, up to the complete rejection of the second.

  3. Castor oil. Castor oil can definitely be useful to re-grow brows after an unfortunate decision to pull out a little bit more, just as advised by your grandmother. It is derived from a plant called castor and it helps to smooth out stretch marks and scars, a few drops can be added to the daily care products, but more importantly, it is indispensable to cleanse the skin. Castor Oil gently dissolves dirt and combined with moisturizing oils - jojoba or olive - is effectively used in the oil washing. Contrary to popular belief, in many cases of problems with skin, it is necessary not to dry it out, but to dissolve dirt without removing the natural oil of the skin barrier - and then castor oil comes to the rescue. Need essays, book reviews, research papers, term papers or dissertation? Choose us!

  4. Tea tree oil is familiar to everyone. The antiseptic properties of tea tree oil can not be compared, perhaps, almost to no other - it is the best means to dry a little nasty pimple overnight, or even in a couple of hours. It perfectly removes redness and helps to fight against oily skin without drying it. It can be used as a dot, and as an additive to the means used to combat acne or imperfections. The main thing to remember - unlike most other oils it is extremely toxic when taken internally, so it is not necessary to experiment, and leave it on the shelf with the banks.

  5. Avocado oil. In the category of "the most underrated" Avocado oil will win for sure, as it is not that popular as coconut oil, for example. Unlike many other oils, it is obtained not from seeds but from the pulp. It contains vitamins A, E, antioxidants and much more - in practice, this means that if it suits you, then you can use it for everything: washing, moisturizing, for face, body and hair - it is really universal oil. Besides the fact that it can help to improve your skin and lighten scars and help mature skin, you can cook on it, getting all of the nutritional benefits of avocado in full. Our samples will definitely satisfy you!

  6. Macadamia oil. This plant is a native of Australia, which gives an incredibly delicious fatty nuts, from which the oil is being produced. Besides the fact that it can be used as the food, this substance has extremely beneficial effect on the skin. Thanks to fatty acids of oil, it perfectly moisturizes the skin and hair, restoring tone and elasticity, while it is perfectly absorbed. Especially this oil will suit to tired and aging skin, as well as colored and damaged hair - it will provide it with excellent growth, returning the desired healthy state. It is often used as a means for removing makeup.

  7. Hazelnut oil is an excellent analogue of castor oil to cleanse the ski. It has a tightening effect - that is not necessary to owners of dry skin, but those who have oily skin, such an effect may be desirable. The pore size, of course, is being dictated by genetics, but it helps to reduce them visually. This oil is safe in its pure form to cleanse the skin and it is especially suitable for those who are constantly facing with skin problems, and inflammation. As in the case with other oils made from nuts, use hazelnut oil with caution if you have allergies to nuts in general.

  8. Many people are frightened when they find out that jojoba oil is not oil at all, but a liquid wax. In fact, this oil suits to everyone, as it does not cause a negative reaction on the part of the skin, perfectly absorbed and restores the water balance. The proteins in its composition are the reminiscent of collagen that is why it has the ability to return elasticity to skin.

  9. Almond oil. Many who have used oil of sweet almonds, mark its light texture - unlike some other oils, it does not leave behind a greasy feeling. It has a calming effect, helps to reduce skin redness. The oil has a light, neutral even odor, and because it is often used as the base oil. It is well absorbed, moisturizing dry and mature skin and is not oily and combination scoring. If you doubt as for the cleansing of the skin with oil or even oils compatibility with your skin care, many are advised to try almond oil first, because of its gentle, but effective action.

  10.  Argan oil. This is probably one of the most useful oils for hair. It is obtained from the fruit of the rare argan tree, which grows in Morocco. One hundred percent of argan oil works better than cosmetic products containing it, which often contain silicone, thus hair would become smooth for sure. Pure argan oil can be applied in order to fight dryness and signs of aging of the body. The main thing is to use it diligently, because it is very nutritious. The oil will help to heal dry cuticles, in the treatment of skin diseases. Thanks to it, the hair will no longer split, and will get dry much faster if you put a little bit after washing. The main thing you should remember is that if you find a cheaper argan oil, it is likely to be a diluted fake.


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