Impact Of Color Psychology On Us


Have you ever thought about the influence of colors on your mind? If you haven’t, then you will be quite surprised to find out that there is a special science, called color psychology, which studies the influence of colors on your mental abilities, behavior and emotions. For many years scientist were examining the impact of colors on human psychology, and they have found quite a lot of interesting results. Nowadays, color psychology is widely spread in the spheres of branding and marketing. It means that companies are carefully choosing colors for their logos and brands, in order to attract customers correctly. How do they do that? It is considered that the color of the brand or logo should correspond to the services or goods, sold or provided by the company. In case of perfect match, marketers consider that people are more likely to buy the goods sold by the company, as they are being attracted by the combination of colors.

It is considered by the scholars, that logos of warm colors tend to attract spontaneous customers, while those of cold colors encourage more thoughtful clients.

Lets find out a little bit more about warm colors. Usually, they include red, yellow an orange. According to the researches, they are considered to evoke good emotions, love, as well as angriness and anxiety. Cool colors are those of blue color spectrum. These colors are considered to be calm, however, they can also cause depression.

In ancient Egypt there was founded a color therapy. It was performed by means of light.

  • Red color was supposed to activate the whole organism of a person

  • Yellow was used to purify the whole body

  • Orange was applied to improve the energy in the body

  • Blue color was said to cure the body from pain

Nowadays, the color therapy is also used in the sphere of medicine. For example, placebo pills are created in red colors, in order to express their effectiveness and to program the person who takes them that they are really helpful. Multiple researches shown, that pills of red colors are more effective than blue ones, among the patients under the placebo treatment.

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