Kindness Essay


What is kindness? According to Wikipedia, this concept combines a lot of other notions: the desire to be good and not to do bad deeds, selflessly help to those who are in need of warmth, care and love. To help an old man to carry heavy bags or to open the door in front of someone, who is carrying something heavy, to make presents to orphans- these are called – acts of kindness.

Kindness essay definition

Act of kindness essay is a very important paper, because you are sharing your thoughts, emotions and opinions as for the thing that you consider to be kind. Every man is born kind. However, year after year life circumstances can be different. Some children grow in a happy, kind and a good family. They are surrounded by care, attention, good things and a lot of positive emotions. Thanks to that the child grows up with the desire to do good actions and fill this world with positivity. However, the situation may be just the other way round. From the early childhood the child feels that he is useless and nobody needs him. He thinks that only cruelness, violence and lack of mother’s care surround him. In such a case, it becomes difficult for the child to understand what is good and what is bad. After all, he does not learn to distinguish between such concepts. It appears evil that destroys a person and everyone around him. Nevertheless, this child also has seeds of kindness in his heart. It is only necessary to help him, thus good qualities would have shown themselves.

After all, there is no good without evil. These concepts are always opposed to each other. Any illness is bad for a person and the doctor, who is helping to cope with it, is doing good. There are so many people, who are engaged in charity, because they really want to help others. This act of kindness can’t be compared to anything in the world, as it goes from the bottom of his heart. His actions are sincere.

Kindness is being expressed by different people in different ways, but it still carries the desire to do good thinks not because it is demanded, but because one feels so. It takes place unconsciously, but simply on the call of the heart. Our modern mind sometimes blocks such expressions of feelings. Many people become cruel and problem’s of other people are not interesting for them. If you want to make an act of kindness, you do not have to look for a special moment. You should simply help the stranger if you see that he needs some help. That will be the act of kindness.

Very often, some good things are insignificant for others, but for the person to whom they are addressed can become life saving. If you feel that you did not commit good deeds, then you should go out on the street - smile to a passerby and say, "Good morning!". This will be the beginning of good deeds!

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