Music In My Life Essay


Essay about music is an amazing topic, which will help you to disclose your writing skills and make your music essay perfect and interesting.

What is music? What does it mean for each of us? What part does it play in our lives, destinies, in the formation of our character and inner world? We get into the world of music and magic sounds from the very first days of our life. The first lullaby, sung by our mother, the first musical toy, which was carefully hanging over the crib and playing a pleasant melody. However, our childhood ends and our naïve dreams are going away. But the thing that stays in our life is music. It continues to accompany us everywhere, filling us with joy, giving cheerfulness and fun, or, conversely, plunging into the world of romantic dreams. Nice music always brings only positive emotions, and, therefore, it makes life more beautiful. Even sad melody carries some mysterious force, helping to open up our hearts, our innermost thoughts, desires, experiences, which having turned into a melody, can easily leave the depths of the heart, leaving only light and pleasant memories.

Listen to music

Music is created not only to entertain people, it has a tremendous impact on them, seeking to make them better. The art, including music, wouldn’t have been so great and well recognized in the whole world if it was not aimed at the hearing delight, without an aim of expressing people’s state of mind and soul. Music inspires us to actions, helps to understand what is happening to us, to know ourselves. Music uplifts us and makes more perfect. When we feel some strong emotion - be it joy or sadness, anxiety or happiness - we involuntarily begin to hum a tune or song. Why? Because music, like nothing else in the world, music reflects our mood. Music reminds us of what is currently the basis of our feelings, emotions, dreams, aspirations, it gives us the best, lofty thoughts, faith in something good, clean and bright. It inspires a person to think deeply.

Of course, in our time, there are pieces of music designed only to entertain, works that do not contain any specific ideas or meanings that do not carry the harmony and beauty. Still, such products are not numerous. According to Wikipedia, not only classic but also modern music, modern pop songs contain certain feelings and experiences of the author, in which each of us is sure to find something close to him. After all, music not only reflects our joy, but sometimes sorrow and suffering.

Music accompanies man throughout his life. It's hard to imagine life without music. Such a life would be empty, poor, bleak, uninteresting, meaningless. Music can evoke kindness, tenderness and many other positive traits of character that can make each of us a better person. This means that the music can revive, exalt man to approach him for moral perfection.

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