Need Remote Work? First Check All Pros And Cons


If you are tired of rush hours every time you go to work and communication with colleagues brings you no joy any longer, you can think of finding remote job or to try yourself as a freelancer. It is very tempting, as you do not need to go to office every day and your boss is quite far from you. However, with all its advantages remote job has a number of drawbacks. In what way remote job can be dangerous for your career? Rate all the "pros" and "cons" with us.

First of all, let’s stop confusing the concepts of "remote work" and "freelance". The fact is that remote work, according to Wikipedia, does not always imply a freelance: you may be a staff member of the organization, but at the same time you can work at home. Freelancer is a person, who is not connected with any company by permanent employment contract. He simply performs individual projects under a service contract. As a rule, freelancers also work remotely.

Here are the pros we found in the remote work:

  1. Freedom of movement. You can choose the workspace to your liking. Work at home, in the park, co-working center or in the country.

  2. Being at home is less distracting. Office during rush hours is not the best place to produce new ideas. If you can organize yourself a quiet corner at home, then work will become much more efficient.

  3. You can forget about jams and tiring way to work. There is no need to spend time every day on the way to the office and back. If you get to the workplace for 1.5 hours daily, in a week it becomes about 7.5 hours, and 300-400 hours per year. During this time, you can implement multiple high-grade projects.

  4. Free schedule. You do not have to sit at work from 9 to 17 every day. Now you are free to dispose your time the way you want. If you cope with your job earlier, you are free to do your own stuff.

  5. Company of your dream. You will finally be able to work in the company of your dreams, even if it is on the other side of the country. At the same time, no one will require you to move there.

  6. You can work and travel simultaneously. Remote job is a great opportunity to realize the dream of travelling. You can work anywhere, as long as the Internet is at hand.

  7. Time for your family. As you do not have to spend time for the way to office and back, you can spend more time with your family.

The advantages are numerous. However, before making the final decision, you should also check all the cons of remote job:

  1. Inability to organize working hours can lead to a decrease in efficiency. Free schedule allows you to choose when and how much to work. It requires a high degree of personal responsibility. Otherwise, you will begin to postpone the case until later all the time. And the debris can not be avoided neither.

  2. The fear of isolation. Initially, you will find the opportunity of not seeing colleagues every day great (especially if you are an introvert), but ultimately you can feel lost and isolated from the society.

  3. Your job can turn into round-the-clock one. You will not even notice how time is gradually stretching on for 12-14 hours. To escape from this scourge, you should clearly divide you business time from personal time. Develop an alternative schedule and strictly adhere to it.

So, it is up to you to decide whether this job suits you or not. The choice is always up to you!

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